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A man accused of sexual assault by Kevin Spacey may have filmed a suspected fumble

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By Phil Helsel

The man who claims actor Kevin Spacey killed him during a meeting in a bar in Nantucket, Mass The attack on video according to police documents, which were released this week.

On Christmas Eve, the District Attorney of Cape & Islands said that last week filed a criminal charge for indecent assaults and battery against Spacey, 59, in connection with the alleged incident on July 7, 201


In reports the state police wrote a soldier that the alleged victim, the son of a former television broadcaster from Boston TV, said he was killed by Spacey after buying the "House of Cards" actor. He drinks in the restaurant where he worked at the time. The mother of the alleged victim has stated that she is 18 years old at this time.

The alleged victim's girlfriend later told investigators that she had received a text from her boyfriend stating that Spacey was beating him – but she did not believe him. She was then given a Snapchat video in which Spacey reported that Spacey had touched his friend's pants "in step".

The soldier wrote in the report that the alleged victim said "his girlfriend did not believe him. He grabbed the video" and the soldier wrote "the video is one of the last times when Spacey touched him."

The Police documents state that the alleged victim "tried to move away with his body" and move Spacey's hands away, "but Spacey stretched out his pants."

NBC News does not identify victims of sexual assault if they are not public Report.

Investigators apparently have videos of some sort. The soldier wrote in a report that the alleged victim was shown "the video he said was from Spacey that touched him" and he confirmed the clothes he was wearing.

The public prosecutor's office could not be reached by phone after Wednesday's close. Snapchat videos are usually viewed deleted or expired, but they can also be saved.

Spacey is scheduled to be called on January 7 at Nantucket District Court, prosecutors said.

On the same day the criminal complaint was announced, Spacey tweeted a bizarre video starring his severed character in House of Cards, Frank Underwood.

In the video, Spacey says in the character, "They trusted me, even though they knew you were not filmed," as he stands in a kitchen wearing an apron with Santa Claus motif. He adds later, "Soon you will know the full truth." It is unclear if Spacey referred to the allegations in this video.

The alleged victim told the police that he had been embarrassed by the incident, and the soldier wrote in the report that "he had no" profound emotional impact on him ". However, the alleged victim said he had called the police because he did not want what happened to him to be done to other people.

He reported the attack by phone from the Nantucket police in late October 2016, according to the documents. The Massachusetts state police questioned the alleged victim in November 2017 according to the documents.

The Nantucket lawsuit against Spacey appeared last year when a former anchor of Boston WCVB-TV held a press conference in November 2017 that her son was wanted by Spacey at The Club Car in Nantucket in July 2016 ,

A prosecutor's lawyer said in a statement this week that "the complainant has shown tremendous courage" (19659007). A Spacey representative did not respond to the NBC News request when the charges were announced this week.

Spacey was released by Netflix in November 2017 after the actor was charged with sexual assault and harassment. He was also cut from Ridley Scott's "All the Money in the World" and replaced by Christopher Plummer just one month before the film's release, which was called an unprecedented move.

Spacey representatives said in November 2017 that this was the case, he would seek evaluation and treatment.

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