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A man who has been dismissed receives hundreds of job postings after handing over his CV on the roadside

He decided he had to do something different and decided to stand on a street corner with a sign.

"I was unemployed for only a few weeks, but it was very unexpected and I had to figure something out quickly." Hoagland, 30, wrote in an e-mail. "At first I laughed and thought that was silly, but I kept thinking about it, I thought, why not? In Phoenix, millions of people drive around, maybe someone will hire me."

He printed 200 copies of it from his resume and looking for work last week on the street. Melissa DiGianfilippo saw him driving through Phoenix.

"I was impressed with Patrick because it was 110 ° outside and what I saw was really unexpected," wrote DiGianfilippo in an e-mail. "He stood by the side of the road with a sign and a pile of resumes and a huge smile on his face."

DiGianfilippo owns a marketing and PR agency and was impressed with his creativity by his CV. Realizing that his experience did not suit her agency, she decided to publish his CV on social media to see if anyone in her network could help him.

What happened next surprised Hoagland and DiGianfilippo.

Hoagland received thousands of messages from corporations, contractors, recruiting agencies and even people who just wish him luck ̵

1; not to mention more job vacancies than he'd ever expected.

but I definitely did not expect it to explode like that! "DiGianfilippo said," The LinkedIn Post is what has really paid off the most and has produced thousands and thousands of redistributions, reactions and likes. I've also posted it as an Instagram story that has a lot of engagements and people who want to get in touch with it. I'm so amazed at how many people shared the post again because they really wanted to be part of a positive story.

After all the offers had been worked out, Hoagland finally decided on Flatline Concrete Grinding in Phoenix, meeting owner Kerry Burkhart and immediately knowing that her company was right for him.

"I think in general this is a good reminder to people that sometimes it only takes a few minutes for a person's life to really change or make their day better, "said DiGianfilippo, believing DiGianfilippo could easily pass by and do nothing, but she is glad that She did that, and Hoagland could not be more grateful for that.

"She was so great that she did not have to help me, but she did and it changed my life," he said, "I'm her like that Grateful. "

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