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A man who was attacked by an emotional companion dog during the Delta flight sues the airline and the passenger

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By Minyvonne Burke

A Man from Alabama Sues Delta Air Lines and One The attack was so severe that Marlin Jackson suffered "extensive facial damage," including cuts on the nose and mouth , and was so severely bleeding that he was abused by an emotional companion dog in 2017. The entire row of seats had to be removed from the plane, "it says in the lawsuit filed on Friday with the Georgian State Court in Fulton County.

Jackson sat up A window seat on a delta flight from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to San Diego International Airport in June 2017, the lawsuit reads.

The fellow traveler Ronald Mundy was already sitting in his middle seat, "with his large Dog trying to sit on his lap "as the lawsuit states Delta policy requires large emotional support dogs being secured on the ground t.

"The defendant Delta allowed the large animal to remain in the lap of the defendant Mundy while Delta employees traversed the area in open disregard of this policy," the lawsuit states.

Before Taking His Place Jackson asked Mundy if the dog would bite and Mundy assured him that the animal was safe. As Jackson strapped on his seatbelt, the dog began to growl and move to Mundy's lap. Jackson again asked if the dog was safe and Mundy said that was the case.

Without warning the dog lunged at Jackson, bites him several times in the face and pushed him against the window, it says in a suit.

The attack was briefly interrupted when the animal was pulled away by Mr. Jackson. However, the animal disintegrated and destroyed Mr. Jackson's face again. "

NBC News was unable to immediately reach Mundy, who led the lawsuit, that he lives in North Carolina. [19659006AccordingtotheAtlantaJournal'sconstitutionthedogthatattackedJacksonwasfiftypoundsandaccordingtotheJournalConstitutionMundyisamilitaryveteran

Jackson needed 28 stitches and lost the sensation in parts of his face, the lawsuit states He also faces "emotional distress and mental agony" from the attack, and Jackson seeks damages at a court-determined level.

A spokesman for Delta told NBC News that the airline could not comment on pending lawsuits, but requested 2018 a "confirmation of" form "animal training" as well as other official documents.

"The airline has also pit bulls and animals under four months as a service – or companion animals prohibited. These policy updates underpin Delta's core value, where safety is always paramount, "the spokesperson said in a statement.

With this policy change in December 2018, Delta also banned animals with emotional support on flights longer than eight The company made the changes after the number of service and support incidents increased by 84 percent in 2016 and 2017.

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