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A nation in turmoil is preparing for a verdict on Trump

The turbulent, conflict-ridden, and identity-driven, tragedy-led interim campaign of 2018 broke through last weekend as voters prepared to pass judgment on President Trump's first half of his term, while the Republicans based on losses in the house and federal capitals, but hopefully they would prevail in Senate races in areas where Mr. Trump is popular.

The president was supposed to storm into two states on Saturday, two Sunday, and three Monday to remove the Senate seats in Indiana. Florida and a handful of other battlefields on which the Republicans hope to increase their single seat majority in the Chamber. Democrats and liberal activists, who were set on fire by opposition to Mr. Trump, gathered on Saturday to knock on doors and call from Pennsylvania to Illinois to Washington to try and get the majority of GOP-23 seats in Washington House to be painted.

The Prelude The elections, which are widely viewed as a referendum on Mr Trump's divisive personality and strict political agenda, have shown deep tensions in the President's political coalition, forcing him to engage in a narrow group of conservative communities , Republicans' temporary focus on cheap news, such as the Friday report, which shows strong employment growth, was overshadowed by Mr. Trump's message about racial brand nationalism.

While Mr. Trump has many red states and his The white voters of the class, his jeremiads against immigrants and the penchant for ridicule have proved destabilizing, the party in the metropolitan regions has lost more and more wealthy whites and moderate citizens who for the Control of the house was crucial. Surveys show that a number of established companies have lagged far below 50 percent and some unexpectedly close races are being held in conservative districts.

In various Sun Belt states where Republicans showed resilience, such as Texas, Florida, and Arizona, they introduced their candidates. You saw their numbers fall in the election when Mr. Trump abandoned the unifying role that American presidents have traditionally tried to play.

The Democrats also argue that they will maintain or conquer governor offices in rust-belt states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, which have been critical to Mr. Trump's success and the fertile soil of the Republicans over the last decade. [19659002TrotzdieserbesorgniserregendenAnzeichensaheneinigerepublikanischeFührerAnlasszumaßvollemOptimismusWährendMrTrumpamFreitagsagtedassRepublikanerdasHausverlierenkönnten"könntepassieren"sagteSteveStiversausOhioderdieGOPHouseCampaignCommitteehatweiterhinvorausgesagtdassseineParteidieMehrheitknapphaltenwirdRepublikanischeStrategenhabenargumentiertdassrundzweiDutzendRenneninnerhalbdesFehlerbereichsbeiderWahlsind;SolltendieWählervonrechtsinderMitteamWahltagzuihnenzurückkehrensagensiekönntendieDemokratennichtgenugSitzegewinnenumdieKontrolleüberdasHauszuübernehmen

Republican representatives were more optimistic about their prospects had represented in the Senate the opportunity to present their majority in an otherwise difficult year to increase. Almost all of the major Senate races are held on conservatively hard terrain, including North Dakota, Missouri, and Indiana, where the Democratic incumbents are in close contests for reelection. Mr. Trump won all three states in 2016 through landslide margins.

There was a clear contradiction between the relative health of the economy and the dark mood of a country, as voters prepared for the election just a few days after a wave of attempts to hold elections. Mail bombings and a massacre in a Pittsburgh synagogue Eleven people died.

"The nation is in political turmoil," said Rep. Carlos Curbelo, a Republican from Florida who faces unpreferability in part because of Mr. Trump's difficult re-election. "The economy is roaring, but the mood is so angry. It is a very sad time in this country.

The mood that has endangered legislators like Mr. Curbelo has enlivened Democrats across the country. A class of first-time candidates was lifted by a tremendous rise in activism and political energy on the left, as a loose set of electoral districts insulted by Mr. Trump – including women, youth, and color voters – was mobilized with a force at the last Intermediate elections are not visible.

These voters helped to appoint a record number of female candidates to Congress, and to give the Democrats a broad and unfamiliar financial advantage towards the end of the campaign.

But many Senate Democrats have also grossly overrated their rivals, reminding Republican officials of the rise sobering of leftists with small dollars and billionaires.

"If the landscapes of the Democrats and the mechanisms by which they deployed the Democrats and the mechanisms by which they have built them ring no alarm bells, then we do not deserve that," said Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, the Overseeing the Senate Republican campaign

Mr Gardner warned that the newly discovered talent of the Democrats in 2020 could strengthen their party even more if a less inviting list of seats is available for election – including its own. [19659007] "We can survive with this card in 2018, but we can not survive this card in 2020," he said.

However, it is the house where Republicans face greater danger.

The determining factors for determining the chamber are likely to be culturally wealthy dynamic suburbs – around cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles – in which Republicans defend several dozen districts that are fully occupied with voters who openly rebel against Mr. Trump. The Democrats have won many swing voters in these areas with a message that focuses on Republican health and fiscal policies, which are even less popular than the president himself.

"I do not think you in the country Caring was not a dominant topic, "said Democratic strategist Jesse Ferguson.

The fate of Republican legislators in the suburbs of the East Coast could give an early indication on election night whether the party Many of these communities could also give powerful governorates into democratic hands for the first time in a decade.

Former Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio, the last Democrat to lead that state, said the election Leaving a referendum on Mr. Trump leaves the Democrats "confident about the H out and a little worried about the Senate. "

" He's on the ballot, whether his name is there or not, "Mr. Strickland said of the president. Trump added that the shift in political climate between 2016 and 2018 is like "the difference between heaven and hell".

Trump's attention over the past few days has been diverted from efforts to maintain control of the House and support Republicans in coveted Senate races. He focused primarily on the electrification of the Right, instead of reassuring some of the swing voters who supported him against Hillary Clinton two years ago.

In the last weeks of the election campaign, Mr. Trump has launched attacks on immigration and railing against the birthright, linking immigration without evidence with violent crime and reinforcing debunked conspiracy theories about a caravan in Latin America. Mr. Trump struck home speaker Paul D. Ryan on Twitter after Mr. Ryan criticized his dubious proposal, the constitutional surety bond for anyone on American soil is born to pick up.

Mr. Trump's approach may appeal to some of the states with the tightest Senate runs, although he may be able to backfire in various states where Republican-occupied seats are at risk, including Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.

Voters, "said Senator Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat from Maryland and head of the Democratic Senate campaign, arguing that such states offered his party" a narrow path "for a majority.

When many of the most closely watched elections take place at the federal level. Governors of governors across the country can be the long-term elections for both parties. The Democrats hope to elect a number of history nominees, including Stacey Abrams of Georgia and Andrew Gillum of Florida, the first African Americans to lead their states. And the Republicans are fighting to defend their dominance in the Midwestern governments, from Michigan and Ohio to Wisconsin and Iowa.

Should the Democrats conquer more of these governorships, it could help them get the lines of congressional districts back in their favor after 2020. At the state level, Mr. Trump could make the process of re-election difficult and strengthen the opposition party on important battlefields where he did not consolidate consolidated support after the 2016 elections.

Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster closely involved in the Senate battle, said both parties may emerge from the mediators with transformed identities.

Democrats were increasingly defined by a young and diverse cohort of activists and candidates, while Republicans ended the campaign with a single overwhelming campaign personality.

"The Republican Party has become fully owned by Donald Trump and its members The only organizing principle is the Trump base," said Garin. "And the Democrats have really become much more a grassroots activist party."

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