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A new company, Loop, is responding to subscription models with reusable packaging

Pepsi, Unilever and Nestle plan to offer their products through a subscription delivery service with a single key: the entire packaging will be reusable. The service called Loop will be launched with 25 well-known partners and hopes to attract attention with a greener subscription offer.

Loop compares his service with the milkman. Just as the milkman gave up fresh milk and then got the bottles back as soon as people had used up their supplies, Loop will get the UPS drivers to put a reusable bag of various products inside. Once used, consumers can choose to pick up their old containers and drop off new ones. Loop handles the cleaning and reuse of the packaging.

The service will appear in mid-May in parts of Paris, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Loop also plans to prepare the delivery for London via Tesco later this year, and it intends to launch in Tokyo in 2020. First, it starts with a small user trial.

Each brand designed its own loop-wrapped packaging to stay true to the company's image while still being reusable. Some Unilever products are expected to last for eight years, according to The Wall Street Journal .

The products will be about as expensive as disposable containers, but people will have to pay a $ 1 and $ 10 container deposit, and shipping will start at $ 20, but will decrease with each added item.

Image: Loop

This is a nice idea that helps to stop the use of disposable straws. If the service is convenient, fast, and not too expensive, I can imagine people actually using it for the good of the planet.

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