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A new game console is available for PlayStation and Xbox

Slightly mad Mad Studios boss Ian Bell has revealed that the company is developing a standalone console. Exact hardware and software specifications have not yet been announced, but Bell has provided some details. Update: The look of the Mad-Box console has now been revealed.]

The console's first mention was on Twitter when Bell tweeted: "The Mad Box Coming." Bell told Variety that the Mad Box will probably be released in about three years and support up to 120 frames per second for playing virtual reality. "It will support most of the big VR headsets and the ones coming in. The specifications will be a very fast PC in two years," Bell wrote. "We are in early discussions with component manufacturers, so now we can not say much more unless we have explained the designs in detail."

When it comes to games on the console, Bell wrote, "While we exclusive programs are" exclusionary ", given that we're going to provide all developers with a cross-platform engine, this will be their choice We do not intend to pay the developers' incentives to exclude other hardware vendors. "He further stated that" Slightly Mad Studios "believes" the industry is a bit too much of a monopoly or a micro-oligopoly, "and The Mad Box aims to give a healthy competition to the console race, which has been a threesome for years, battling Microsoft's Xbox, Sony's PlayStation and Nintendo's hardware.

The Mad Box is said to be globally available with a competitive price compared to other emerging consoles. "We already have several investors offering the funding needed to get the product ready, but it's early and we're looking at the best deals," Bell wrote.


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