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A "new" periodic table shows the rapidly decreasing elements of the earth

A "new" Periodic Table with elements based on how much of the element remains on Earth. –

Remember the Periodic Table from the Gymnasium? Today, it contains 118 natural and artificial elements in neat, equally sized containers from gases to heavy metals.

As many natural resources disappear on Earth, the European Chemical Society has published a new periodic table. This shows with curves and lumps how much of each element is actually left on the planet.

"Some of these elements have less than a hundred years before they are much harder to reach," he told David Cole-Hamilton, vice president of the European Chemical Society.

Two examples: iridium and helium.

Iridium is part of an element that makes the touch screen of your smartphone work. Helium is used in nuclear spin tomography in the deep sea Diving and … yes, party balloons.

While MRI scanners and deep-sea divers recycle their helium, party balloons pop and release the precious element into the air.

"It is very, very light and very, very stable. So when it gets into the atmosphere, it can reach to the edge of the earth and be lost forever into space, "said Cole-Hamilton," the amount of helium is very small at the moment, the reserves are probably very low only for about 10 years. "

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