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A new set of pre-cataclysm challenges is live in Anthem

Screenshot: BioWare (Anthem)

Over the weekend, BioWares looters received a new set of challenges called "The Oncoming Storm ". They appear to be a precursor to the game's big upcoming Cataclysm event, which will introduce a new time-limited mode, but players already have difficulty completing it as bugs and crashes slow down their progress.

"The Oncoming Storm" Consists of three parts, all of which take place in freeplay mode of the game. The first is about destroying new crystals that have appeared all over the world. The second requires you to complete three different "Crystal World Events", which will appear randomly and reward you with a crystal once you're done. And to finish the third, you only have to kill crystallized enemies that are effectively just scarringers with crystals on their backs. If you do all this, you will receive a reward with Coin, one of Anthem's in-game currencies, which can be spent on armor and materials like any of the other challenges in the game, as well as some new decals designed for the activity you're playing with Can customize your spear.

The challenges are not something to write home about and no reason to return to the game, but they at least give more to people who have been playing something new than to do the same fortress mission in the loop and themselves to complain about the prey falls in the end.

When BioWare first unveiled how parts of Cataclysm would work in late May, the studio announced that there would be a two-week build-up phase in which the world would slowly change and small things, presumably such as these, would emerge Challenges would be added. "The Oncoming Storm" Challenge descriptions were released early in the game early last week. More recently, a storm has broken out in the distance in the northern part of the map. While the Cataclysm mission itself has been live on a public test server for PC players for weeks, the entire event, including new story missions, is expected to be in full swing in early August. At the beginning of the game Cataclysm should appear in May.

But even the introduction of these little new challenges has not gone completely smoothly. Several players in the subreddit of the game have reported that the game has crashed more than usual while in free play. The challenge of killing crystallized enemies also seems to be flawed right now. The game seems to count only those who were killed by melee attacks or shots, as opposed to spear attacks or ultimatums.

It's still not too difficult to get the 60 kills to master this part of the challenge, but it adds a little frustration to a big pile.

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