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A nice break from the smoky air at the Evergreen State Fair, but in the region there are still hazy conditions

MONROE, Washington – The Evergreen State Fair opened just as the smoke from the area disappeared, but Snohomish County is still not clear.

The fair on Friday expected more than 20,000 people, and therefore the organizers say that the air quality is so important.

At the Friday show, people were just thankful that they could breathe easily.

"It does not smell like smoke after all," said Crystle Street.

Street had fun with their two sons for the first time in days.

"It's crazy in the house all the time, we live in a small house , so …, "Street

Unhealthy air conditions at the beginning of this week, many had locked up inside.

" I could not see my window, I could not see the trees at the next house, "said Carissa Coffin.


9659003] Now, with clear skies, the fair is in full swing in Monroe.

"You can really see what's beautiful," St Reet said

But this visibility is in doubt for Saturday [Seealso:"Wehavealotofactivitytomorrowsoit'llbeapitysowe'llseehowitgoesoutIthink"saidCoffin[19659003] The Evergreen State Fair says that in the event that the air quality deteriorates, have eventualities.

"We are worried about the humans as well as the animals out here," said Hal Gausman, Snohomish County Parks, Recreation & Tourism

The Mass said they would change the level of activity of all their animals as needed.

"We evaluate every day, we meet with our veterinarians," said Gausman.

In other parts of the fairgrounds, a filtration system helps keep the air clean in one of its large convention centers.

This year you also have additional resting places and an emergency shelter with paramedics on site.

Gausman says they will also update electronic signage so trade fair visitors can keep up with the air quality when things get bad again.

But at least on Friday nobody had to worry about smoke stifling the air.

"This is the first time we bring all our kids, so we have a great time," Coffin said.

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency says moderate conditions could get worse in Snohomish County by Saturday. When a lot of smoke enters, the conditions for sensitive people can become unhealthy. This means that children, the elderly and others with chronic illnesses should spend their time outdoors.

Although experts do not expect the conditions to be as bad as they were earlier this week, when it was unhealthy for everyone, experts say they can not be safe. Air quality, according to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is more difficult to predict.

Experts say if you're going to spend a lot of time outside this weekend, make sure you check for air quality. They say that if you are sensitive, do not stay outside for a long time.

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