CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – A suspect is released after a police officer was shot dead in Kentucky on Thursday night

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin confirmed that the Hopkinsville officer, whose name was not published, succumbed to his injuries.

According to the Hopkinsville Police Department, at 5:10 pm CT, the off-duty Hopkinsville officer drove in his personal vehicle as a man pretending to be a cop swept over the cop's car.

The police did not specify what happened except to say "shortly afterwards" The off-duty police officer was fatally hit, "the police said in a press release.

More: Police: Wrong Police Officer Trying to Bring Out Off-duty Officer [19659019] The authorities are looking for James Kennith Decoursey, 35, who they say stole a white Chevrolet pickup with the 2070GH license plate and left the scene.

Authorities say that Decoursey should be considered armed and dangerous.

Bevin took to Twitter to complain about the loss of the unnamed officer.

"There is no greater sacrifice than that of a person who is ready to sacrifice their lives for another sacrifice … thank God for the #ThinBlueLine, "Bevin tweeted.

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