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A power failure in LAX disturbs the air traffic

Ticket Office at LAX Airport

Lawrence K. Ho | Los Angeles Times | Getty Images

A power outage at Los Angeles International Airport has stranded hundreds of travelers after airlines canceled more than 50 flights and postponed others for Thursday.

The more than three-hour Wednesday night outage was due to a problem at a substation off site and powering some facilities was not restored until 10:45 pm PDT said the airport.

Southwest Airlines temporarily stopped flights to and from LAX on Thursday at 8 am PDT after canceling about 40 flights Wednesday night, spokeswoman Michelle Agnew said. Eleven flights to the southwest were canceled on Thursday, the airport said.

The Transportation Security Administration planned to re-examine travelers. This would take about an hour, according to the airport. Law enforcement agencies have cleared the terminal to conduct a security clearance and send travelers to public areas.

"An airline granted passengers whose flights have been canceled had access to their checked-in baggage, which led to the unintentional introduction of prohibited items in the security area of ​​the airport," the TSA said the decision to re-examine the passengers. "

United Airlines canceled four flights Wednesday evening and had to divert eleven more.

In December 201

7, a half-day blackout at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport caused Atlanta airlines to cancel more than 1,100 flights, stranding thousands of travelers and concerns about airport infrastructure.

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