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A rip from the past few days, Van Winkle, is flashing in the world for the virus

Mr. Thorson is not a Buddhist who shrinks from current events.

After graduating from college, he was an organizer of Occupy Wall Street, camped in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, and dealt with pedestrians. He logged on to the Buddhist Geeks movement for several years and promoted the use of online technology to find enlightenment. His podcast “Emerge” tries to explore “the next phase of human experiment”.

After finishing his 75 days of silence, he was excited to see what was going on in the world.

“I thought will it be ̵

6;Mad Max’ out there like we’re the last survivors?” he said. “How is humanity doing?”

After leaving the meditation center, the first thing he saw was a gas station and people coming and going in shorts, a scene that was so characteristic of North Vermont that he was deeply reassured.

“It’s Vermont,” he said. “Someone is getting gasoline.”

However, new impressions followed. He ventured into a Shaws supermarket that was intimate on human contact and found fear instead. When he passed people, their eyes shot around as if they were looking for threats. One thing that seemed to frighten her was Mr. Thorson, who was not getting the hang of socially distancing himself.

“I would turn a corner in the supermarket and someone would be there and they would withdraw,” he said. “I didn’t install the Covid operating system. First I said,” Whoa, what did I do? “

He had been looking forward to immersing himself in his online world again, an environment he had always found to be “nutritious”.

However, when he checked posts from people he admired for two and a half months, he was shocked to find that they were only talking about one thing. “Everything else is gone,” he said. “There is nothing to choose from! It’s wonderful! The Australian wildfires, what happened there? Didn’t Brexit happen?”

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