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A sleepy, then bloody END OF SESSION – NEWSOM appeals against TRUMP insurance – FEINSTEIN is co-organizer of the BIDEN fundraiser – CARSON to CA – BIG TECH documents requested by the HOUSE Panel

THE BUZZ: Another legislative year ended on Friday night – and the consensus of legislators, staff, lobbyists and sergeants was that this was a fairly quiet last 48 hours.

This word may not apply to the vaccine to protesters who continued massaging and singing outside of the government barricaded the office of Gavin Newsom and then the Senate floor in the most obnoxious manner. CHP officials wrapped yellow tape for the scene in the closed chambers of the Senate and closed a bathroom with red-plastered walls, while dazed residents of the Capitol exchanged rumors. Later, we received the extraordinary sight of the Senate closing its doors in a committee room where senators were accustomed to sitting on the podium in the public area and working on the paper with the daily papers.

But otherwise it was such a last stretch, in which there is a lack of some of this characteristic madness in dealmaking at the end of the session, for the most part. Accuse the 72-hour rule that prohibits the late-night tricks of recent years, or the fact that already major disputes on issues such as rent, gig economy and police action have been settled. And these massive democratic margins help ensure a low mortality rate in legislation: Bill after bill flashed to the required 41

votes in the assembly, which is easier if you have 20 members left.

Much of the political drama we've seen focused on the Trump Insurance bill which was designed to set the environmental standards of the Obama era, a proposal that caused some tears in the Dem, including between Newsom and the legislative leadership. . It was not even clear that Senate President Pro Tem would conjure Toni Atkins the measure of a vote in the rally as the hours expired – but she did, and soon thereafter it narrowed. Newsom said he would veto. Debra Kahn of POLITICO has some details for Pro subscribers.

This is a sharp split between Newsom and the Legislature, and it highlights the difficult decision before the Governor: the signing of the law could have rejected his archenemy Trump, but it would have also tempered Democrats, Senator Dianne Feinstein and Water Agencies, who had warned against reduced water supplies in the Central Valley. In a statement, Newsom said he supports the bill's principle, but feels that it lacks real teeth, and "limits the ability of the state to rely on the best available science to protect our environment." George Skelton in the LATimes thinks it is good that Atkins defied this newsom here.

Some died: A repeated effort to keep the beams open later, and a bill on parental consent in social media died on the floor of the rally. A constitutional amendment to the labor laws of workers in the UC has not reached the required two-thirds. And it will wait until next year for a pair of swept plastic recycling bills and a move to extend Medi-Cal to older immigrants dangling until the early hours of Saturday , but ultimately no basic votes received.

Some Other Highlights: A leadership-backed move against high-yielding credits was passed … A belated bill to free a single refinery from environmental regulations was drawn … legislator Oil Wells … Face Detection Could Be Restricted … Newsom Could Turn Back Penal Reforms … Schools Could Start Later A School Bond goes to the poll … And we had to ask a lawmaker, "This is a terrible bill, and I'm not going to vote for it," about their own bill .

BUENOS DÍAS, good Monday morning. Now it's all over, but the law signatures – rest assured, we'll let you know what Newsom is doing, especially at Repetitions where Newsom has the opportunity to break with the former governor. Jerry Brown.

– QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Today a crime was committed. The Senate, however, can not be prevented from conducting the affairs of the people. " Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins opens an alternative session on the floor of the Senate at 20:45, held in a committee room. on Friday night.

ALTERNATE QOTD: "Keep your cups in your Jay Jay!" Assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager-Dove on Saturday at 3:45.

– TWEET OF THE DAY BEFORE THE EVENT: Advanced Medical Association official and former CALeg employee @FieldingGreaves: "This is the most boring end of the session in about 13 years."

– TWEET DES DAYS AFTER THE EVENT: Planned Parenthood The California boss and longtime vaccine critic targets @jodihicks: "At Planned Parenthood we support the menstrual cup. But people. It is not a weapon. #insane. #criminaluseofmenstruation "

– WHERE'S GAVIN? Nothing official was announced.

– "Hidden Weapons, Bodyguards and a DA Raid on Santa Clara County Sheriff" by Josh Koehn, Matthias Gafni and Joaquin Palomino of SF Chronicle: "Santa Clara County Prosecutors Have Served At Least Three Search Orders, when investigating whether the office of Sheriff Laurie Smith has issued coveted gun licenses for campaign funds.

– "The Guardian of the California Rally for Rules and Rituals Calles It Career" by John Myers of LATimes: "No one has ever served more years in a row than chief staff (Wilson Dilson), who in 1992 had more as a decade had legislature experience when he was called to the post. The 64-year-old MP will retire After Friday's legislation has adjourned for the year and perfected the art of impartiality in an era of bipartisan California politics.

– "Felicity Huffman Sentenced to 14 Days Prison in College Admissions Scand" by Ryan Parker of the Hollywood Reporter

COMES SOON: "Ben Carson Will Visit San Francisco Next Week to Fight Homelessness" , by Rene Marsh of CNN.

– "Trump official urges completion of medical exemption. "For Deportations" by Ted Hesson of POLITICO: "An internal memo, prepared by a Trump senior immigration officer, recommends that US citizenship and immigration authorities be released from their powers to deport their undocumented immigrants

– "Ship Accuses Top Executives of Illegally Retaining" An Urgent "Whistleblower Complaint" by Kyle Cheney of POLITICO

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MONEY MOVEMENTS: "Sen. Dianne Feinstein will jointly fund a Joe Biden fundraiser in October." By Brian Schwartz of CNBC: "Finest He had already pledged to support Biden's candidacy for the president before announcing his campaign in April. This was the first time that she organized a fundraiser for the former Vice President in the 2020 election cycle. Her husband participated in various fundraisers for Biden. "

-" Kamala Harris's Debate Performance Can not Affect Large Donors, "by Brian Schwartz of CNBC: " These sources say these uncommitted donors are still there. I'm not convinced that they're theirs can use expansive networks solely for their cause. "

-" Geoffrey Palmer, real estate manager, is expected to conduct Trump's fundraiser in Beverly Hills, "reports Schwartz.

HER PAST: "Kamala Harris From the Beginning Quick-witted" by Matt Flegenheimer in the New York Times: " As a California senator who aspires to the Democratic nomination for president, Kamala Harris is not like that Senator Bernie Sanders a candidate for structural upheavals by Vermont or Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. She's not a seasoned centrist, like former vice president Joseph R. Biden Jr. But in a party that weighs best on how to best meet President Trump's limitless ability to beat, Ms. Harris knows how to beat the hardest, friends say so you win in San Francisco.

TRUCE SOUGHT: Rep. The resignation of Susan Davis has caused a number of Democrats to view the CA-53 safe – and the incumbent is requesting the party to suspend it , Davis wrote to the party delegates to inform them that she did not support it, and invited them to do the same. The party should not pick any favorites and the bid to "develop a deep bank of democratic candidates" argues that the party "does not shut down early in the primaries. "

-" Newsom exchanges fines for 21 inmates, many of whom were young offenders. "By Jeremy B. White of POLITICO: " Newsom's actions are consistent with his focus on youth trauma as a key factor in the criminal behavior of adolescents and young adults. All but two of the inmates whose sentences were converted have committed their crimes when they were still teenagers or 20 years old. "(Pro Link)

-" California has been through months without new fracking permits. But dozens of illegal oil spills are flowing, "said Janet Wilson of the Desert Sun: " Permits for sometimes risky "augmented" wells and associated storage increased by almost 60% under Governor Gavin Newsom in 2019 Gov. Jerry Brown is in office last year. Permits for regular oil and gas wells increased by 20%. "

ANOTHER FORBIDDEN STATE:" California adds an eleventh state to its travel ban. No taxpayer-funded trips to Iowa. by Wes Vendeicher of Sac Bee: In March 2019, the State Supreme Court ruled that the protection of gender identity was extended to gender reassignment surgery under the state Medicaid program. Two months later, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a law banning Medicaid's spending on operations. "

PG & E PROBLEMS:" You're not free at home Bees Dale Kasler: "PG & E Corp. has signed a $ 11 billion settlement on Friday to help insurance companies sell their money Forest fires paid in 2017 and 2018 – but angry representatives of thousands of burnt victims who are still waiting for checks. "

– "PG & E, California's largest utility, quickly came out of political power" by LATimes & Taryn Luna: "The Pacific Gas & Electric Co. once had no lack of political influence or friends who were ready to gain a foothold in the California State Capitol when the company wanted something … But the company's fortune changed after forest fires caused by its equipment killed dozens of Californians and lawmakers faced political risks a couple of controversial laws to support the use it remains afloat.

HOUSING GURU SPEAKS: "Four Ways to Solve the Housing Crisis in California," writes outgoing director of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Ben Metcalf in the SF Chronicle: "We have numerous historic housing investments and reforms performed during my tenure in Sacramento. However, the housing problems throughout California continue to increase. "

-" Homeless shelters in LA could be harder to block if Governor Newsom signs this bill. "By Emily Alpert Reyes and Liam Dillon of LATimes: " Bill of Assembly 1197 would be exempted from the California Environmental Quality Act for any homeless or housing project in Los Angeles that is funded by several state and local sources, including one from LA voters adopted $ 1.2 billion in borrowing. "

while the arrests are low," said Phil Matier of the SF Chronicle: "San Francisco has by far the highest crime rate in California, with more than twice the number of reported thefts per capita Los Angeles or Santa Clara districts According to a recent report from the Public Policy Institute of California, San Francisco ranks 50th out of 58 states in arrests. "

– "The Californian woman dreamed of eating an engagement ring – woke up and found out she really did it," by Kalhan Rosenblatt of NBC .

– "Vehicle burn on the Bay Bridge locks lanes, Sparks Major Traffic" in the NBC Bay Area.

– "Two men killed by Amtrak train in Berkeley have just been evicted from the homeless camp." "By Scott Morris of KTVU.

-" The former leader of Fresno joins the high-speed train and will vote on the Valley-Bay Area route, "by Tim Sheehan of Fresno Bee.

"SFO: The typo that almost crashed an airplane," by Matthias Gaffni of the SF Chronicle.

– "Friday Night Flight: How the Downfall of Football Affects University Sports" by Ron Kroichick of the SF Chronicle.

TODAY: POLITICO California Editor Kevin Yamamura! Josh Ginsberg, CEO and co-founder of Zignal Labs … Facebooks Jackie Rooney … Liesl Newton.

SUNDAY: Rep. Nanette Diaz Barragán became 43 years old … Todd Breasseale Justin Bryant

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