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A study by Duke University suggests that not all masks were created equally

A new study from Duke University suggests that wearing a mask in particular is worse than not wearing no mask at all.

DURHAM, NC – Duke University researchers are working to answer a common question amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Which face masks are most effective?

A recent study had subjects wearing different types of masks and saying the phrase “stay healthy folks”. The researchers then recorded the droplets that remained on each of the masks.

To catch the droplets, they used a box laser, a lens, and a cell phone camera.

The surgical masks were tested well, but not as good as the N95. Researchers say some droplets got through the gaps on the side.

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The investigation found that cloth masks were pretty much the same. They didn̵

7;t give the droplets much room to escape, but still not as airtight as N95.

Bandanas may look fashionable, but the study showed that they didn’t do much for protection.

For the neck fleece, the researchers said that the number of droplets exiting is actually higher than if no mask were worn at all. They believe the material breaks large droplets into smaller particles.

Researchers say they still have to wear a mask no matter what. They conducted this study to ensure that people could make an informed decision about how best to protect themselves and others.

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