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A Timeline of the Chicago Police Turnabout by Laquan McDonald

CHICAGO – A jury is in the murder trial of white Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke, nearly four years after he shot 16 black teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times

Some key moments in this case:

2014 [19659004] Oct. 20: Van Dyke fatally kills McDonald after responding to a call from a teenager who has broken into a vehicle in a truck. Other officers support Van Dyke's contention that McDonald, who had a small knife with his folded blade, posed a threat to Van Dyke's life.


15. April: The Chicago City Council approves a $ 5 million settlement with McDonald's family.

November 24: Cook County prosecutor Anita Alvarez announces that she is accusing Van Dyke of first-degree murder. Hours later, the city reacts to a judge's order and delivers a dashcam video of the shooting McDonald shows off officers. The footage contradicts reports by Van Dyke and other officers on the scene that he stabbed her with a knife. The release of the video triggers days of protests.

December 1

: Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel fires police chief Garry McCarthy after a public outcry over McDonald Falls

Dec. 7: The US Department of Justice announces that its Civil Rights Division will investigate the police to investigate racial inequalities in the use of force.

December 9: Emanuel apologizes for McDonald's killing in a speech to the city council. He says Chicago's police forces need "full and complete reforms."

December 16: A Grand Jury Charges Van Dyke for First Order Murder and Abuse


Feb. 16: The City of Chicago says it will release videos of shootings and deaths within 60 days after being criticized for not having published the McDonald Shooting Video for more than a year

12. April: A task force has been set up Emanuel, who goes into police custody after the McDonald shoot, says the department must acknowledge its racist past and revise its handling of excessive allegations of violence. It is also recommended to abolish the Independent Criminal Investigation Board investigating misconduct of officials

21. April: Emanuel announces changes in the handling of shootings and misconduct cases, but criticizes that the Independent Police Department should not be abolished [196592002] May 13: Emanuel announces that he is abolishing the Independent Police Control Authority and replacing it with the Civil Police Investigation Authority that will have more independence and resources.

. 3 June: Chicago Releases Hundreds of Videos That Provide Frightening Insights into Violence Encounters with the police, including the deadly shooting of a robbery suspect who rushed at the officers in a van, and an incident in which an officer at a party used his nightstick against the police A man's head popped (19659008). 18: Police Director Eddie Johnson says seven Chicago police officers should be fired for submitting false reports to the McDonald shooting

Oct. 7: Johnson publishes details of a proposed new policy that would force officers to use as little as necessary and emphasizes the "sanctity of life".

November 16: A special investigator says a grand jury was staged to provide evidence of possible cover-up by Chicago police officers at the McDonald shootout.


Jan. 13: The Ministry of Justice announces the results of its civil rights inquiry. It says the Chicago Police Department has been violating the constitutional rights of residents for years – allowing racial prejudice against blacks, excessive use of force and killing people who pose no threat. She concludes that the pattern is due to "systemic deficiencies" within the department and the city, including inadequate training and the failure to hold bad officers accountable for misconduct.

23rd March: A grand jury adds 16 heavy battery counters with a firearm against first-rank murder charges against Van Dyke at the McDonald shootout

17. May: The Police Department Publishes a New Form of Violence Policy That De-escalates Training for Its Officers and Imposes Stricter Rules Whenever They Can (19659002) June 3: According to media reports, the City of Chicago and the Department of Justice have negotiated a draft agreement to provide an independent monitor to monitor the changes for the police forces, which is the second largest in the US. But it is unclear whether there will be judicial oversight at some point in the future.

fourteenth June: Leading community groups, including a Black Lives Matter organization, file a class action lawsuit against Chicago to circumvent or ban Draft agreement between the city and the Department of Justice to reform police without federal supervision

27. June: Three police officers from Chicago are charged with serious crimes that have postponed them to cover up Van Dyke's actions in the murder of McDonald.

August 28: The city of Chicago is changing its course, saying that it wants to carry out far-reaching police reforms under strict federal court control and abandon a draft reform treaty with President Donald Trump's government, which does not want to be in the courtroom.

November 14: The Grand Jury, which had indicted three Chicago police officers for plotting to cover up what had happened when Van Dyke hit McDonald fatally without condemning anyone in the division.

December 11: The Chicago Police Department says all patrolmen are now equipped with body cameras


20. March: The American Civil Liberties Union and several community organizations say they have reached an agreement to make proposals for changes for the Chicago Police Department.

Sept. 13: Lawyers Stop the Selection of 12 Jurors and Five Substitutes for Van Dyke's Murder Trial. Emanuel and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, meanwhile, unveil an updated plan to reform the city's police and say that there are lasting, far-reaching changes within a 12,000-officers division that has a long history of committing serious civil rights violations. The more than 200-page document will be submitted to US District Judge Robert Dow for consideration.

Sept. 17: Testimony begins in Van Dyke's trial. He is charged with first degree murder, heavy battery and official misconduct.

October 4: The jury begins deliberations after learning that they can consider the lesser charge of second-degree murder if they do not convict Van Dyke of first-degree murder.

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