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A tiny kinkajou sneaked into a house in Florida and attacked a man

Michael Litersky of Lake Worth discovered a kinkajou, an exotic cousin of the raccoon, hanging from a fence in front of his girlfriend's house. So, according to a report from Florida, he left watermelon pieces for the big-eyed creature from the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

But the mood of the mischievous mammals worsened the next morning. While Litersky was on his way to work, the Kinkajou – who apparently had camped all night in front of the house – slipped in, according to the commission.

He tried to chase the kinkajou outside to find another rendezvous, but it "attacked" him immediately, biting his ankles and scratching his calves, the report said.

"It was so hungry for more watermelon, it was waiting and as soon as it opened the door, it just crashed it," said Gillian Hicks, Litersky's girlfriend, to CNN's affiliate WPTV on Monday.

The tiny Titan barely broke Litersky's skin, but it was not easy to catch. Hicks and Litserky eventually pushed it into the bathroom until officials from the Conservation Commission, the Palm Beach County sheriff's office, and animal control arrived.

Hicks said she and the removal team looked into the bathroom to catch a glimpse of what she initially thought was a maki messing up, slamming the shower curtain, and bobbing around.

"We heard the toilet lid being opened and closed a few times," she said. "It was crazy."

According to the triad, the accused ankle nibbler was finally captured after an hour-long break and dropped off at a fish and wildlife factory.

The Kinkajou typically weighs 3 to 7 pounds and lives in the forests of Central and South America; State officials are not sure how you got to Lake Worth at all. To keep a kinkajou as a pet requires a Class III permit from the Conservation Commission, but officials said they did not find any permit holders in the area.

If you find a kinkajou that does not belong to you, consider the consequences before feeding it with a slice of watermelon. It could cost you your shower curtain and a few hours of your day.

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