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A vulnerability has been found in the Clearview AI source code

The leak also revealed Clearview’s prototype “Insight” camera, which has since been discontinued. As TechCrunch In one video, SpiderSilk reportedly showed 70,000 videos in a storage bin that came from an Insight camera installed in a Manhattan residential building. The company said it “collected some raw videos for debugging purposes only with the approval of facility management.”

Clearview’s face recognition AI can identify a person using data from Facebook, Instagram and other publicly available Internet services. It gets this data by “scratching” billions of photos from social media sites and elsewhere. The company markets its service to law enforcement and other companies that can identify a person simply by uploading their photo. Clearview was injured earlier when a list of companies using its services leaked.

Hoan Ton-That, CEO of Clearview, has defended the company̵

7;s practices and stated that it should be allowed to store publicly available information, just like Google and others. However, the company has shown that not only does it expose the public to data breaches, it also cannot protect its own data.

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