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A woman from San Diego was supported by her ex-husband after 50 years

A 74-year-old woman in Carlsbad, California, receives US $ 150,000 in child benefit payments, granted nearly 50 years ago.

During divorce proceedings in mid-1970, Judge Lenhert ordered child support payments for her 3-year-old daughter, Lane, consisting of monthly payments of $ 210 for the first two and a half years, and then dropped to $ 160 a month, until Lane 18 years old. The order began on January 1, 1971.

But Lenhert never paid.

These monthly payments include capital of about $ 30,000, Anderson said, and with a 10% interest, he owes her $ 150,000.

"The first check was credited and then he went to Canada with his girlfriend and had two more children, he disappeared completely," Anderson said.

Five decades passed. Anderson said she lived "paycheck to paycheck" and frequently traveled in her work as an interior designer.

"I had to raise myself," her daughter said. "In the long run, it affects you, you have many problems with giving up."

The money will make a big difference to Anderson, who retires and receives social security payments but still works part-time.

But the gap in her daughter's life still feels irreplaceable. "No mother around because she was so busy, you can not afford a lost childhood, there's no amount of money to replace her," Lane said.

  Without her ex-husband & # 39; When child support was paid, the money was tight and Toni Anderson had to work long hours to pay the bills.

There was no statute of limitations

Last year, Anderson realized that California has no statute of limitations for child support payments.

She googled her ex She said she found some photos where he lived, which in Oregon seemed to be a financially healthy life with a big house and a boat.

She applied for unpaid child support. Last month she brought her case to court. The judge granted her application.

Through his lawyer Lenhart said he was pleased with an agreement and said he had assigned a private detective to find Anderson and pay the $ 30,000 plus interest after filing her claim last year.

"I was happy to pay Ms. Anderson the child support she owed, and I wish her all the best for the future," Lenhart said.

The $ 150,000 payback starts with a large lump sum and continues on to monthly payments. Her case drew publicity, and this time Anderson trusts his word.

She said Lenhart came to court to ask for forgiveness. "He tried," she said.

She wants other mothers to ask for the money owed them

Anderson hopes her story will serve as an example to other women. Do not be afraid to persecute your ex-husband. We can not be afraid. "

It's not just women who forego the child support payments they legally deserve." Anderson noted that a man who saw her story on a local news agency recently joined them in a Lowe's shop to tell him that his wife did not pay him the $ 900 a month she should pay him to raise her three children.

Anderson's lawyer, Sara Yunus, said in an email CNN: "I hope Toni's case encourages other single parents to join their ex and hold them accountable, whether they're five or fifty years old."

Anderson said of her mission "starts a ripple effect" and they're hoping for waves to see. "

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