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AAF Week 1 Results, Highlights: Arizona offense, Birmingham defense shines in victories; Trent Richardson scores two TDs

The first week for the alliance of American Football 2019 is finally on the books. Even with an average of [3] [3] [3] [3] [9] [9] [9] [9] [9] [9] [9] [9] [9] [9] [9] [2] [2] [2] [2] [2] [2] Even with an average of three million viewers for the first two games on Saturday night, today there were two more games to keep the party going.

For the first time on CBS Sports Network, the Memphis Express in Birmingham Iron became the ugliest game of the weekend. There followed an entertaining shootout between the Salt Lake City Stallions and the Arizona Hotshots. The big names today included Iron, who led Trent Richardson and quarterback Luis Perez, and Hotshot receiver Rashad Ross.

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Birmingham Iron 26, Memphis Express 0
Arizona Hotshots 38, Salt Lake City Stallions 22

Saturday Orlando Apollo's 40, Atlanta Legends 6
San Antonio Commander's 1

5, San Diego Fleet 6

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Hotshots behind Wolford, Ross

What was a close game at halftime was a great success for Arizona. The Hotshots scored third-quarter touchdowns in the third quarter, beating 35-16 with a 38-22 win. The connection between quarterback John Wolford and receiver Rashad Ross was outstanding as Ross has a team that scored two touchdowns with 103 yards. Wolford's pass to Jhurell Pressley made it a 19-point game, and the Hotshots took control of the rest of the game.

Arizona and Salt Lake in a merry shootout

The hits this weekend were a bonus for most teams, which is not so unexpected. The Hotshots and Stallions, however, engage in a seemingly old-fashioned #AAFterDark. Arizona came first with a simple pitch to the board and took the quarterback John Wolford to the tightest graduation Gerald Christian. Then the Stallions countered with a touchdown by running Matt Asiata back to 8-8. After a muffed punt at Salt Lake, the hotshots made 16: 8 again thanks to this beautiful deep ball pass from Wolford. After Salt Lake had a late touchdown to 19-16 in front of half, the first half was a lot of fun.

Trent Richardson overcomes the slow start with two TDs.

This should be Richardson's comeback, but the former Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts started slowly with eight transfers for 17 yards in the first half. His third quarter did not look better with a lost fumble in one of his better runs of the day. However, Richardson finally reached the end zone in the fourth quarter to bring the Iron to 15-0 and scored the subsequent two-point conversion. He also had a late-game touchdown, his second day of the day, which ended 56-0 in a 26-0 win.

It was a tough day for Richardson overall as he tried to return to the NFL – his yards per carry were still below 3.0 – but at least he ended better than he had started.

Iron Shut Down Express with Strong Defensive Purpose

Similar to San Antonio's San Diego defense on Saturday night, Memphis-Birmingham was a rock fight for about three-quarters. The Iron led 9-0, but was absolutely strong defense. One of the best pieces of the day came from a top-notch intercept from express quarterback Christian Hackenberg, who had trouble finding consistency in his career after his break-freshman season at Penn State.

Today's Uni Combination for Memphis-Birmingham: Icy White Vs. Black

The AAF has some eye-catching uniforms, but Memphis and Birmingham have a more classic look. The Express will play in its icy white uniforms, while the Iron will not be surprised to wear its sharp black uniforms. It may not be the loudest look, but there's something to the more subtle look shown at Legion Field on Sunday.

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