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Aaron Boone has no coaching experience? Do not tell his flag football team

"I've always had these romanticized thoughts that one day I would be training high school football," said Boone, who worked for ESPN for the last eight baseball seasons. "So I thought it would be fun, we had the same core of kids and their parents every year, and it was kind of snowballed.We would come late in the baseball season and look forward to our team and ask: "Will we play in the winter season and in the spring?"

Boone and his co-coach, Mark Tapley, would meet before the start of each season to create a list of games, plans, and lightning packages for the 5-in-5 League , with a laminated arc in his hands on the sideline, called the offensive games, and Boone, known as Coach Aaron, took over the defense.

The eight or nine boys in the team practiced once or twice a week Mother and no orange slices at halftime.

"We were all on business," Tapley said.

Boone and Tapley, a former college quarterback, made a complementary pair. "He was the head behind it," Boone said, giving a cool head.

Although Boone was fiery on the field – he was kicked out of his first game in the big leagues – he was a pillar of patience and restraint as a football coach

"We had a good yin and yang," Tapley said. whose two sons played in the team. I'm a bit noisy, I have more of type A, overzealous personality in coaching, Aaron was calm, he observed, he is by no means a jeller and a screamer, if the referee makes a bad name I will If a kid goes the wrong way, I could bark him a little bit. "

He added," Aaron made me a better man, you know, "Let's not stop that Boone had the ability to get in touch with both the boys and the adults, and while the seriousness of being a former professional athlete could have helped Boone invest in the boys, wrote regularly educating parents about how their child evolved and using setbacks on the pitch as teachable moments.

Sammy Tadio's nickname Boone's "The Sammy Whisperer" for the trick he had, his son too center if he was annoyed on or under himself.

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