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Aaron Paul says he can not imagine Jesse appearing in "Better Call Saul" after what happened in "El Camino"

Breaking Bad Fans have been waiting six long years to figure out exactly what happened to Jesse Pinkman. While many believed he had gotten away with it, the question kept coming up: What if Pinkman, after being held prisoner for so long by Uncle Jack and the psycho-Nazis, would never again experience freedom?

El Camino helped fill a void This Breaking B ad ended at its end in 2013, but also had the unfortunate side-effect that we all wanted more. There is almost no chance that Vince Gilligan will make a sequel to El Camino . But fans hope that we may be able to see Jesse Pinkman in future episodes of the Breaking Bad spin-off show Better Call Saul
happen. Here is the reason.

Attention: This article contains
Spoiler for
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie .

  Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul | Samuel de Roman / Getty Images

Jesse has a hard time after the "Breaking Bad" finale

The sequel to Breaking Bad focused exclusively on Jesse
History and what happened immediately after the deadly shootings on the Nazi grounds.
The story takes up moments after Jesse drove through the gates of Todd's El
Camino and finally meets with old friends Skinny Pete and Badger for help.

After a series of close calls, Jesse escapes the law and outwits two former Uncle Jack employees who also want to get their hands on Todd's hidden fortune. After a few tense encounters with Ed the Vacuum Cleaner Guy, Jesse manages to leave for Alaska to start a new life.

& # 39; El Camino & # 39; Jesse closed the door and joined in. & # 39; Better Call Saul & # 39; at.

But this closure, which so many fans wanted, could be the end of Jesse's story. Actor Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse, stated that El Camino made it unlikely that Jesse emerged in Better Call Saul .

"[ El Camino ] is a
Goodbye, "he explained
at Digital Spy . "That was a right send that people just kept
ask for. "

" I thought, maybe I would
play him in Better Call Saul . I'm such a big fan of
that's how it works. But in recent seasons, especially now
Knowing where Jesse is, there's no reason for him to be in this place and
at this time. I can not imagine him appearing in Better Call Saul . "

Aaron Paul would be willing to
appear on "Better Call Saul"

Even if Paul does not think
Vince Gilligan will insert Jesse's story in Better Call Saul which is not the case
my, he is against
to the idea
. "When [Vince Gilligan] and calls
ask me, then I know that there is a very good reason why he is there. "
Paul said.

When Vince Gilligan first suggested shooting a Breaking Bad movie, Paul was skeptical of where the story might lead. But he fully believed in the vision after reading the script.

In short, Aaron Paul has great respect for Vince Gilligan and would like to repeat his role as Jesse if asked about Saul. We can only hope that this happens because we still can not let go of Jesse!

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