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Aaron Rodgers balances diplomacy and openness when discussing Jordan Love Pick

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers spoke to the media for the first time since designing quarterback Jordan Love in round 1. And Rodgers has reconciled diplomacy and openness to address the situation.

“The general reaction was surprising at first,” said Rodgers, “like many people. I’m not going to say that I was thrilled with the choice.”

But Rodgers made it clear that he respected the fact that the front office was doing what it thought it was doing.

“Obviously,” said Rodgers, “they thought that [Love] was such a talent that they had to go up and get him. . . . This is what these guys are paid to put together a roster for now and for the future. “

Rodgers said he was looking forward to working with Love and quoted the relationships Rodgers had with other backup quarterbacks. He added that Love is not to blame for being designed by the Packers, and Rodgers pointed out that the two players have similar stories. Neither was heavily recruited from college, and both have grown more than many expected.

Rodgers reiterated that he plans to play into his 40s and that he will control what he can control if the packers have a different plan.

“What I can control is how I play and making this decision very difficult at some point,” said Rodgers. “If there is a time when I feel like I can play at a high level and my body feels great, there are other people who have played elsewhere.”

When asked if the obvious effort to replace him would motivate him before he was ready to leave, Rodgers only indicated his motivation to play until the 1940s. He pointed out the importance of taking care of his body, ensuring that his legs are still reliable, and giving himself the ability to play for as long as possible.

It remains to be seen whether this is in Green Bay or elsewhere. Regardless, Rodgers made it clear that if the team decides to turn the page before he is ready to close the book, Rodgers will end his career in a new uniform.

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