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Aaron Rodgers plays about a quarter at Ravens

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers starter will compete against the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night this week. Coach Matt LaFleur told reporters on Tuesday that Rodgers and the rest of the starting groups on both sides of the ball would play "a quarter or so", according to ESPN.com, as the situation develops.

Rodgers was out at the season opener of the Packers but as he plunges into LaFleur's new offensive, the quarterback is likely to play more under Mike McCarthy than in the past.

Aaron Rodgers attending preseason over the last four years:
2018: Week 2, 1 Series, 2-of-4 passes, 1

2017: Week 2, 1 Series, 6-of-8 Pass, 1 TD
2017: Week 3, 2 Series, 3-of-5 Pass
2016: Week 3, 2 Series (one game stretched into the second quarter) 6-of-9 Pass, TD
2015: Week 1, Series 3 (all in the first quarter), 11-of-19 passes
2015: Week 2, Series 2, 4-of-5 passes

It lies Now, at LaFleur, finding the balance between Rodgers and The rest of the starters – especially in crimes – strives to build the chemistry in the new system while limiting the risk of injury.

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