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Abandoned will see the return of dead spirits, puts a greater focus on knowledge

"There is a novel in the game."

  Destiny 2 Forsaken Gambit

One of the critiques critics of Destiny often focused on the games is Bungie's storytelling game seems to be a trace lower since the Halo days to be. With the forthcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Forsaken Bungie's attempts to change and improve a number of things, including undermining storytelling.

Much of this will be deeper and richer, which Bungie's Scott Taylor has talked at length with Games Radar at Gamescom. In Forsaken the collection of lore and background information throughout the expansion will be an important storytelling device, and most importantly, it will be one of the ways to collect dead ghosts. Destiny Fan, I'm sure.

"The system we have where collecting stories, how to walk and feel is like opening a little book and reading the stories," Taylor said. "There are short stories and long stories that you discover in the world and then you open in the game you can collect by killing bosses, finding items like dead ghosts in the world, and little drones that tell little stories part or maybe Or maybe you can figure out what made Uldren a king of obsession and how he ended up in this jail, these things are all in the game and they are very addictive. "

" It has the aesthetics of a book, and you can open it in the game and it will tell you a story about each of the infertile ones in front of you and kill them, and why were they in jail and what happened to them? "he continued. "There's the value of a novel in the game."

A renewed focus on story and storytelling definitely seems to be at the top of Bungie's list – at least very close to the top – with Forsaken ]. The exact structure of the death of Cayde-6 should remind you. More details about the game's stories have recently been released, and if you're not worried about spoilers, you can read more about it here.

Destiny 2: Forsaken continues to launch September 4 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The first raid will go live on September 14, while players will have the free opportunity to test the PvPvE Gambit mode on September 24th on September 1st.

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