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Abby Lee Miller occurs after being released from prison in dance mothers clothing

  Abby Lee Miller

Splash News

Abby Lee Miller enjoys her new moments of freedom.

A few days after her release from prison and her transfer to a home in Southern California, Dance Moms star resigned for an afternoon outing.

The reality star casually dressed in black pants, slides, and a T-shirt from the Abby Lee Dance Company as she walked to a nail salon in West Hollywood. 1

9659004] "Cut off today!" Abby wrote after taking pictures on Instagram. "Spring is in the air, it feels great, comment on the [sun emoji] if you also have a nice day."

Fellow Dance Moms Stern Elliana Walmsley would comment, "Looks beautiful, Miss Abby !!!!"

Although Abby is no longer in prison, she is expected to abide by certain conditions tied to her surprise dismissal.

According to court documents, the E! News, Abby should report to a probation department within 72 hours of being released. From then on, she will learn how to properly report to her office and be expected to meet the policeman's requirements.

"Sometimes in life you make mistakes, I trusted the wrong people and did not pay attention to things I should do," Abby wrote on Instagram while serving her one-year sentence for fraud. "I'm more than sorry for the mistakes I've made, my world was turned upside down when I went to jail, I did it with grace."

She added, "I became friends with detainees and co-workers, I tried to improve, participated in everything I was offered, and I am a better person for this experience … I feel great and ready to hand over a new hand, many thanks to all for your support, especially to my neighbors. I love you all. "

What will come when Abby attains complete freedom will only be time. However, if the reality star has his way, lessons can still be in their future.

"When things get worse, I'm a good teacher, I'm good at what I do, I have an eye for detail," she told E before! News & # 39; Jason Kennedy . "I can take a beginner child who has never danced in their lives and I can teach them something, or I can take a really advanced dancer and I can turn that into a pro."

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