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Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms was photographed for the first time since the prison

Abby Lee Miller was first seen on Wednesday since he was in jail for eight months

In a white long-sleeved shirt and gray shorts, the former Dance Moms star, 51, was photographed in Los Angeles House halfway through her release on Tuesday, as seen in photos the Daily Mail received

Miller had served her 366-day sentence for bankruptcy fraud at the Victorville Federal Penitentiary since July 2017. The facility in which Miller currently resides provides a structured and monitored environment in which it will receive employment counseling, employment services and financial support.

It will be released on May 25, according to TMZ. [1

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  Abby Lee Miller in May 2017

Abby Lee Miller in May 2017

Darrell Sapp / Pitt sbburg Post-Gazette / AP

In October 2015, Miller was charged with hiding $ 775,000 in lifetime series revenue, his spin-off Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition and several other projects during the Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Miller, allegedly hiding the money in secret accounts between 2012 and 2013, pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud in June 2016. She was also accused of distributing $ 120,000 and having her friends carry the money in plastic bags in their luggage in August 2014, which she promised to lose in January.

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In May 2017, Miller received a one-year and one-day prison sentence in federal jail followed by two years of supervised release. She was fined $ 40,000 and sentenced to pay the $ 120,000 judgment. She also gave a DNA probe on her charge of crimes.

In January, Miller released a photo of herself on Instagram in a prison uniform her visitors. The seemingly stripped-down reality star beamed in the photo, which she shared with a long, serious caption.

"Sometimes in life you make mistakes, I trust the wrong people, I do not pay attention to the things I should do, I apologize more for the mistakes I made," she wrote in the caption.

"My world was upside down when I went to jail," she continued. "I did it with grace, the stories you read about me were a princess that's untrue, I made friends with inmates and co-workers, I tried to improve myself, participated in everything that offered me and I'm a better person for this experience. "

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