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About the mid-engine Corvette is only one thing important: the price

The C8 test on the ring a few months ago. Use by courtesy.
Photo: Stefan Baldauf

This becomes more apparent the more I engage with it, but you'll hear a lot more stupid stuff about mid-engine 2020 Corvette in the coming days and weeks. People will argue about his power. People will argue about its handling. But there is only one thing that can damage or damage the mid-engine Corvette, and the price.

I start with a little digression. Back in 2007, another giant corporate megalith introduced a new generation of its classic sports car nameplates. It was controversial in its engine design, its styling, its size, its weight, all. Over the years, however, it was understood as a legendary vehicle. I'm talking about the R35 Nissan GT-R.

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What made this car such an icon was that it offered supercar performance at pronounced non-supercar prices. As we noted a few years ago, $ 69,850 was about $ 30,000 less than a Corvette ZR-1, but not slower.

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The thing is, the GT-R has become more expensive over the years and is now not only as fast as a six-figure car, but also so cheap like a six-figure car. If you want one, you'll need to spend more than $ 100,000 on it. At this point, the story is not really moving forward. It's just a fast car that's expensive, just like any other, except it has a V6 for some reason. There is nothing special about that.

With unchanged dynamics, it is the price that once made the GT-R an icon and is now normal.

The same is the situation with the mid-engine Corvette. Like anyone who has driven a C7 (or any other modern Corvette) could tell you, the way the car drives is almost faultless. It has a lot of power, even in its basic form. The handling is great. The ride, especially if you get into the era of magnetic shocks, is outstanding. These are useful, practical and exploitable power vehicles. They have been for years. There is no reason to doubt that the C8, like the previous C7, will be a great driving car.

However, if it costs $ 100,000 or more, there is no real reason for it. What's the point of GM building a non-turbo McLaren a few years ago? It is not thematically new except that it was made by GM. There is nothing to prove. There is nothing meaningful going on there.

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But if the car costs that, what a normal front-engine Corvette now or even slightly above, things are different. Then GM drives the sports car narrative. It will then offer an exotic car platform for a non-exotic price. It democratizes a medium sized powerhouse and does not come from a low volume manufacturer. This is Corvette, not DeTomaso Panteras, which are sold by Lincoln Mercury dealers.

So while everyone else is sweating 0-60 times and concentrating on the power-to-weight ratio, keep an eye on the EIA. That's the only thing that could make a good car great here.

Now, if you happen to think it's a mistake to drive the Corvette in the mid-engine, I have to share another thought, and maybe none you like.

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