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Access to Endgame, Dark Zone and PvP – Game Rant

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Division 2 Private Beta is live and offers players the opportunity to experience the game's early missions, three endgame specialization classes, an endgame mission, the Dark Zone, and the skirmish PvP mode. But the Beta does not throw all the content directly at the players when they sign up. In fact, some have difficulty finding the exact access to specific content. Before the beta ends on Monday, February 11, at 1:00 pm PST, learn how to make the most of the beta.

Battle PvP

Many players may not know that 4v4 Battle PvP mode is available almost from the beginning. There is no obvious news about it and it's pretty easy to drive past the PvP area. The only thing players need to do to unlock PvP is to gain access to the White House base station. Considering that the beta version starts by putting the players in the middle of Washington DC and directing them directly to the White House to reclaim them from some enemies, PvP is basically unlocked by default.

To access PvP as you approach the entrance Turn right at the White House and drive under the Rally Point Omaha sign. When players enter the next section, go to the heliport on the left side of the area. Below that is an NPC that players interact with to start matchmaking for PvP.


Specializations & Endgame Mission

Players have access to three different specializations in Beta. These will unlock once players complete the Jefferson Trade Center mission. This is the second mission after the liberation of the White House and the first mission the theater settlement releases. Once players have completed the Jefferson Trade Center mission, they should log out of the character selection screen, where they can choose between specializations equipped with endgame equipment and their special signature weapons. From there, players can play the Invaded mission, which is the endgame version of the same Jefferson Trade Center mission, but now it is populated by the high-profile Black Tusk Endgame faction.

The Dark Zone

Like the endgame content, the dark zone is also released after the Jefferson Trade Center mission has been completed. Players receive a mission from Senait Ezera, an NPC at the base of operations. This mission introduces players to the mechanics of the Dark Zone without any other live players. Once this mission is completed, players can enter the full experience of Dark Zone East undisturbed.

The Division 2 Private Beta will run on February 11 until 1:00 pm PST. The beta is scheduled for Sunday, February 10, at 12:30 pm PST.

Division 2 will be released on March 15, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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