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According to Baby Archie's birth certificate, Meghan Markle is officially a princess

Although her official royal title is Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Sussex, the UK considers Meghan Markle as Princess. Upon the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Archie's son, documents show that the Duchess of Sussex is indeed a Princess of the United Kingdom. We share the details below. Meghan Markle ” class=”wp-image-1126171″/>

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Is Meghan Markle a Princess?

Some fans claim she is a folk princess, like her deceased mother-in-law, Princess Diana. However, the royal family has never referred to Meghan Markle as a true princess ̵

1; until now. Although not her official royal title, "Princess" is Meghan Markle's official cast in the United Kingdom. And her son's birth certificate proves that. Under the title "Mother," Meghan Markle's name is listed as Rachel Meghan, Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex. And right below that is her job as the "Princess of the United Kingdom".

Meghan Markle is not the only non-princess to list "The Princess of the United Kingdom" as her profession

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The Duchess of Sussex is not the first Duchess to list her profession of princess , In addition to Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton is officially a Princess of the United Kingdom, according to her birth certificates. That is, in contrast to the Duchess of Sussex, Kate Middleton will probably one day be accompanied by a "princess".

When Prince Charles ascends the throne, he will reveal his heir, Prince William the Prince of Wales. This automatically means that Kate Middleton is for Princess of Wales. There are many debates about whether or not Kate Middleton will use the title – Camilla Parker Bowles is the current Princess of Wales, but does not respect Princess Diana – as this is closely related to the late Princess Diana. However, some argue strongly that she is the perfect person to lead the title and this could be one of the many ways she and Prince William honor her mother and mother-in-law.

Why is Meghan Markle's first name as Rachel on her son's birth certificate?

If the name "Rachel" has confused you, you are not alone. According to the Duchess of Sussex, people were confused by their name for most of their lives. "I've never been called that, but my parents called me Rachel Meghan Markle, and it just confuses every legal document for my entire life," she told a reporter in 2013.

It's unclear why Meghan Markle did not officially change her first name to Meghan. However, she has officially canceled "Markle" as her last name (although the press and the public still call her – and probably still – so). In the royal family, people with Royal Highness status are not required to provide a surname. For this reason, the surname of the royal family, Mountbatten-Windsor, will probably never be stated in a legal document on their behalf. Instead, Meghan Markle will continue to use "Rachel Meghan, Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex" as her name for legal documents – unless, of course, she decides to part with Rachel.

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