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According to Bolton, Iranian mines are likely to be used for oil tanker attacks in the United Arab Emirates

US National Security Advisor John Bolton said attacks on oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates this month were almost certainly carried out by "Iranian naval mines" without evidence.

Bolton's comments on Wednesday came during a briefing to journalists in the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi.

"It is clear that Iran is behind the Fujairah attack, to whom would you otherwise do that? Someone from Nepal?" "There is no doubt in Washington who did this and it is important that Iran knows we know it," he added. Denied involvement in the oil tanker attacks and accused the US of forging crises in the Gulf to have.

Bolton also said that there had recently been a failed attack on the Saudi oil-fuel city of Yanbu.

The city is the endpoint of the East-West pipeline from Saudi Arabia to which the Houthi rebels of Yemen were recently fired with a coordinated drone

Bolton said he had suspected that Iran was behind the failed attack, but he did not explain or prove the claim.

Officials in Saudi Arabia could not be reached immediately for comment.

Bolton also told reporters The US has been cautious in responding to alleged activities by Iran and its deputies in the region, rejecting the idea that there is a difference between its positions and that of US President Donald Trump.

"I am the national security adviser, not the national security arbitrator," he said.

Bolton said there was "no reason" for Iran to violate the terms of its 201

5 nuclear deal with other world powers rather than looking for nuclear weapons.

Talking to journalist Ahe Bolton said, "There's no reason for them to do this unless it's about reducing the eruption time to nuclear weapons."

Trump's national security adviser, a longtime crush against Iran, is visiting the UAE under tensions over the Gulf.

Bolton tweeted that he had come to meetings in the Emirates on Wednesday to "discuss important and timely regional security issues".

The US recently sent an aircraft carrier and a B-52 is bombing the Gulf for a still unresolved threat from Tehran. The US also withdrew non-essential diplomats from Iraq and sent hundreds of other troops into the region.

One year ago, the United States withdrew unilaterally from a nuclear deal with Iran and the world powers.

Iran now says that it too will start supporting it away from the agreement. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Monday that Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons and accusing the US of causing regional tensions and "violating the Iranian people".

Supreme Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said long ago that we "I do not seek nuclear weapons – by issuing a fatwa (an edict) forbidding them," Zarif tweeted.

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