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According to music publishers, Peloton stole more music and demanded $ 300 million

The National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) has asked the courts to allow them to double their claims against the hometrainer and treadmill startup Peloton after discovering that even more music is missing in the training videos License is included, including songs by Taylor Swift and Kesha playing on the built-in screens of motorcycles. In the original complaint, filed in March, Peloton was accused of using more than 1,000 songs without a license. At this time, the NMPA demanded damages of $ 150 million. After the lawsuit was filed, the offensive songs disappeared easily and disturbed the owners of the connected exercise equipment, who had become accustomed to their beloved playlists, Verge . Here is what the NMPA now has to say:

In fact, it is only the result of a first discovery in this lawsuit that the full scope and extent of Peloton's illegal infringement has come into focus and more than 1

,000 others Musical Works […] These newly discovered works include some of the most famous and popular songs ever recorded, such as "Georgia On My Mind," "I Can See Miles," and "I saw them standing there."

Popular music is at the heart of Peloton's business model. The company, which is due to go public this year, allows participants to repeat the experience of a fancy workout without ever leaving their living room. If investors agree that the company's IPO will be valued correctly, the brand could have a value of up to $ 8 billion. The NMPA has reiterated its anti-competitive objective in this matter. In March, the NMPA called for an accelerated design, to which Peloton readily agreed. On the eve of the court mediation, the NMPA tried to change the appearance of its lawsuit by submitting exaggerated new claims before brokerage, while timely scheduling their submission to exploit Peloton's inability to respond in detail in our quiet time … We will We continue to defend ourselves against claims in this regard and look forward to pursuing our counterclaims.

You can read the full amendment from NMPA below.

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