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According to Newsom, cases in the intensive care unit doubled overnight

SUNNYVALE – Coronavirus intensive care units in California have doubled overnight, Governor Gavin Newsom said on Saturday as the deadly disease continues to spread across the state.

During a visit to Bloom Energy fuel cell company in South Bay, which has shifted its operations to overhaul ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients, Newsom said 410 people with the virus are now in intensive care units across California, compared to 200 am Friday.

According to Newsom, the number of people admitted to the hospital with coronavirus rose by almost 40 percent from 746 on Friday to 1,034 on Saturday. Nearly 4,000 additional patients with COVID-19 may be waiting for test results.

“I know there is adequate attention to how many (confirmed cases) there are,”

; Newsom said. “We pay less attention to these numbers than to hospital stays and intensive care units to drive our policies forward.”

According to a recent analysis by Kaiser Health News, California has 7,345 intensive care beds, 1,498 of which are in the Bay Area.

The Mayor of Newsom and San Jose, Sam Liccardo, visited a Bloom Energy warehouse in Sunnyvale on Saturday afternoon, which has been rebuilt in the past few days to renovate hundreds of ventilators from the state’s emergency cache, in the hope that they will can be shipped quickly for use in hospitals.

Health officials across the country have highlighted the need for ventilators, which are a key tool in treating severe cases of COVID-19.

State officials have requested ventilators from a federal supply, Newsom said, but have not received them yet.

“We have our question and we are not waiting for this to be accomplished,” he said. “We are trying to reuse what we have and find those we can source in the private market in the rest of the world.”

Of the 10,000 ventilators California needs, the state has received 4,252 according to Newsom, a number that does not include those who already have hospitals.

The state cache included 514 ventilators, which Newsom said have not been viewed and unpacked since 2011. This is where Bloom Energy came in. According to Newsom, the company has completely renovated 80 of these ventilators, with another 120 to be completed on Saturday. The fans are then distributed across the state.

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