WILDWOOD, N.J. – On Saturday night, the multi-level deck of a Jersey Shore home collapsed during an event weekend, capturing and injuring at least 22, including some children. No deaths were reported.

The collapse occurred around 18:00. Saturday in Wildwood during the annual New Jersey Firemen's Convention.

It was unclear how many people were on or below deck at the time or how many firefighters were, but the authorities said those caught were quickly removed.

The annual rally attracts thousands of current and former firefighters to the spa town. Firefighters were probably among the injured or prisoners.

The Cape May Regional Health Care System reported that 21 people were brought there, including at least three children. By 10 pm, eleven patients had been released, including all children who were admitted, hospital spokeswoman Susan Staeger said.

The AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City said at least one more person had been admitted there.

The remaining hospital inmates were unknown.

Photos and videos on social media showed firefighters trying to lift a piece of pavement. The pictures showed several levels of terraces demolished from the building and reduced to beams and splintered wood.

The terraces seemed to be attached to a three-story building and overlooked by an overhang on the fourth floor. The second and third levels seemed to be pinned on a deck on the first floor. The overhang looked intact.

Joann Devito, a local resident, saw the collapse of a deck across the street.

"I sat up there on the deck and heard that sound, so I turned and looked and saw the whole thing breaking down," she said. "I saw two women running and screaming. It was terrible.

Wildwood Fire Chief Daniel Speigel said the authorities would not make a statement on Saturday while trying to clean up and investigate. More information is expected on Sunday, he said.

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