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According to Paul Thunder's teammate and former MVP Russell Westbrook, Paul George is "the frontrunner" for MVP

While the hype in the MVP talks is still swirling around James Harden and Giannis Antetokounmpo, another player emerges from the fight. The thunder of Paul George had shed tears, most recently losing more than 40 points in consecutive games against the Rockets and Trail Blazers, including a three-doubles Monday against the Blazers.

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In fact, both George and 201

6-17 MVP Russell Westbrook had scored three double doubles on Monday, but George stunned them with a 47-point performance in 120-111.

George received the support of Westbrook, who agreed that he was in a great season, but thinks George is the clear leader for the moment.

"Absolutely, I mean, we're tied up – maybe the third seed, but the way he consistently plays [is]" said Westbrook, according to ESPN's Royce Young.

"… I think a lot of people around the world who do not play basketball, who do not do sports do not understand what it is. It's important to be consistent and get the mind right every night Doing it to do something, so for him to do so and stay on the Internet This is definitely the front runner of my MVP, "Westbrook continued.

Westbrook's consistency in the 2016/17 season was legendary as he doubled a threefold double throughout the season.

George also believed from the blazer's key players with his game.

"He's on a different level, I mean, after watching him in the last ten games, I get a lot of games and tonight I saw him, man, this guy is … he's MVP," Damian said Lillard, according to NBC Sports Northwest Keep up the good work, he's MVP. "

" It was unreal, "said Evan Turner. I know everyone is going crazy for Giannis and James, but all the ones I've probably argued with and no disrespect for the other two because they're unbelievable, but Paul is the best we've probably competed against all year. "

" He is on a completely different level. It's hard to explain, "added Turner.

The thunders are 39-17, the third in the Western Conference behind the Warriors and the remarkably stubborn Nuggets.

George scored an average of 34.5 in his last 14 games Scores (7.9) rebounds and 4.8 assists: George leads the NBA with 2.3 points per game and 0.1 seconds ahead of his team-mate Westbrook.

Team Thunder plays incredible basketball Westbrook scored on Monday 10. Triple-Double They look like contenders When George re-signed at the Thunder, there were some surprises in the NBA, but he more than silenced all doubters of the signing.

George and Westbrook exist alongside a superstar Basketball Law Right Now they can keep climbing the table with their upcoming schedule, and they'll be back on the ground Thursday night when they travel to New Orleans (8pm ET Watch on FuboTV with NBA League Pass add-on). The next few games will be pelicans, jazz and kings before a big showdown with the nuggets. If George continues to play at the level he has played, supplemented by Westbrook's outstanding series, the thunder in the West will continue to be a problem.

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