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According to Phil Spencer, Xbox Live is not a platform for "free speech" – Game Rant

Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who has launched a new initiative to create a player protection environment, has been very open over the past few months about making Xbox a safe home for players who are as toxic as they are possible. In a recent interview, Spencer continued to discuss the idea of ​​Xbox and Xbox Live as an inclusive place for gamers on a universal scale, even though there are limitations to Xbox as a platform overall.

After writing a blog post recently outlining upcoming events Spencer, too, was approached at E3 2019 and asked some questions about his stated mission with Xbox. When asked why he wrote the above-mentioned blog post, Spencer responded that the direction of Xbox should be obvious to consumers and that the company should have a specific purpose.

Admitting that there would inevitably be critics of Xbox's mission, Spencer said, "Xbox Live is not a platform for free speech. It is not a place where anyone can come and say something. "With the team working to create an environment conducive to a non-toxic, diverse community, Spencer added," I do not want to be opaque. I want to be in the forefront so you understand our motivation.

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Spencer later discussed some of the peculiarities regarding what was stated in the May blog post. He commented on the "content moderation features" mentioned in the blog post, saying that the upcoming functions will enable club moderators to regulate clubs and groups so efficiently that they are free of harassment and toxic behavior.

Spencer's statements are free As he has hinted, the speech will spark some controversy. By finding that Xbox is not for the exchange of ideas and should not improve the voices of consumers in the name of freedom of speech, there will be some that are at least extremely critical of the company.

Conversely, Spencer will do so. Probably have the support of many who share his concerns about toxic gaming environments and inclusiveness. Ultimately, the head of the Xbox has goals that a large majority of players can sympathize with, as well as target groups who stand up for free speech.

Source: Kotaku

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