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According to the Air Force, up to 40 crews were sent to the Scottish Trump resort

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The results are preliminary findings of an Air Force review that was initiated after POLITICO reported that an Air National Guard crew had remained in Turnberry by BRYAN BENDER and NATASHA BERTRAND The US Air Force has raised up to 40 since 2015 Crew members stationed in the Scottish resort of President Donald Trump This is a much higher score than previously known.

The balance sheet reflects the preliminary results of an Air Force review, which was initiated after POLITICO had reported an Air last week National Guard remained in Turnberry in March .The Democrats of the Kongr Esses also studied military stays on the property, but has not yet received any information from the Pentagon 9659009] History below

The figure does not indicate how many of the stays since Trump's presidency took place. But the Air Force has significantly expanded their overnight stays in Scotland under Trump after signing a contract with Prestwick Airport, more than 32 kilometers from Turnberry, in the dwindling months of the Obama administration. Since 2015, the service has housed 659 crews in the area, meaning that up to 6 percent of those stays were in Turnberry.

The figure also does not take into account the total number of people the Air Force has stationed at Trump Turnberry during these approximately 40 stays. POLITICO previously reported that Air Force crews between five and nearly 40 people have stayed at the Trump waterfront property for at least four stays since September 2018.

The Air Force said refueling in Prestwick ceases. and all associated nights – comply with the Pentagon guidelines. Prestwick often books Air Force crew accommodation in Turnberry, the airport indicated in a statement, and often arranges transportation to and from the resort. Officials also said that Turnberry bookings for military travel are within acceptable limits as military members pay a government rate of only $ 130 per night.

The Air Force acknowledged, however, that the appearance of a stay on the presidential estate is likely to create a negative percept, and it has launched an internal review containing the "guidance related to the use of civilian airports and the selection of accommodation for crew members at locations on the route ", according to a formal notice issued on Monday.

Nonetheless, the problem is the recent example of the overlap between Trump's business interests and the previously inconspicuous government policy.

Air Force crews have settled in Turnberry because of the increasing importance of Prestwick Airport for the refueling of military aircraft. In 2015, the Air Force made only 95 stops there and was 40 times in the area. By August this year, the Prestwick Air Force had made 259 stops and spent 220 nights nearby.

Turnberry's approximately forty stays in Congress are likely to raise the eyebrows of Democrats in Congress who said the practice raises conflicts of interest and may violate the domestic terms clause that prohibits the president from receiving money from the federal government outside his salary.

The House Oversight Committee has been investigating US military spending in and around Turnberry since the spring and is threatening officials with the summons to obtain more information from the Pentagon.

Turnberry stays did not occur until the end of June this year, when a bus carrying a flight crew on its way to Iraq arrived in Turnberry, according to a person who was there, and an Instagram post from an Air Force crew member.

Ralph Porciani, managing director of Trump Turnberry, declined to inform POLITICO on Wednesday about how many service members have stayed at the resort in recent years, claiming that the staff did not ask their guests "what they do for a living. However, the vast majority of Turnberry-based crews appear in uniform, crew members told POLITICO. Porciani added that reporters should stop digging up "dirt" on Turnberry, which was "on its knees" before Trump and his family bought it in 2014. Legislators continued to demand a change to the Senate on Monday that would prevent the Pentagon from spending money on nearly five dozen Trump properties worldwide.

The parliament passed the clause in July as part of the wider law on the annual defense policy, which has not yet been incorporated into the law.

Trump has meanwhile announced no knowledge of the stays.

"I do not know anything about an Air Force plane landing at an airport (which I do not own and have nothing to do with) near the Turnberry Resort (which I own) in Scotland and fueling the crew Stayed in Turnberry (they have good conditions) Try it!), "he tweeted on Monday." NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.

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