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According to the FAA, more than 300 Boeing 737 jets may have faulty wing parts

An aerial view of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft parked on the runway at the Boeing factory in Renton, Washington, USA, on March 21, 2019.

Lindsey Wasson | Reuters

More than 300 Boeing 737 jets, including Max, may have faulty wing sections that fail to meet rigidity and durability requirements after a joint investigation with the aircraft manufacturer on Sunday.

The FAA intends to order airlines to remove and replace the parts when their aircraft are affected.

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48 parts manufactured by a Boeing supplier could be "prone to premature failure or cracking," the FAA said in a statement about the slat rails.

Lamellae are parts on the front of the wing and move along a rail to create buoyancy. They are important during takeoff and landing.

Boeing shares fell 1.2% on Monday in premarket trading.

The FAA said that "the complete failure of a leading edge louvered track would not result in the loss of aircraft. There is still the risk that a failed part may cause damage to the aircraft in flight."

There are 133 NG worldwide – and affected 179 Max aircraft, of which there are 32 Boeing 737 NG and 33 Boeing Max aircraft in the United States. [19659002] Boeing announced that a smaller number of aircraft are likely to have the suspected parts installed, but recommended scoring dozens of others to ensure a thorough assessment.

The FAA announced that it will issue an airworthiness referral service Removal of parts and airlines must comply within 10 days. The agency stated that it had alerted the international civil aviation authorities to the problem.

According to spokesman Chris Mainz, three of the 737 NGs are affected by Southwest Airlines and a similar number of its Max aircraft. The airline is preparing to check the lamellae of the aircraft "and will fully meet all service and regulatory requirements," he said in a statement. Southwest operates a pure Boeing 737 fleet of about 750 aircraft.

High Season

The requirement to remove the parts in question on certain 737 aircraft results in a new fold for some airlines to ensure they have enough aircraft during the season. Airlines flying the 737 Max had to cancel thousands of flights by August as the aircraft remained on the ground. The work is complete. "A trial that was said to take a day or two.

The 737 NG is the model that preceded the 737 Max that Boeing first delivered to airlines in 2017.

Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of Boeing Last week, the company said it had to regain the public's trust and apologized to the relatives of the victims in the two recent accidents. "Executives of some airlines that operate the 737 Max, including United Airlines and Southwest, said that they were for travelers, who have booked a max, would not charge rebooking fees or fare differentials to switch to a flight with a different type of aircraft.

Boeing's woe

The aviation authorities worldwide, including the FAA, have booted the Boeing 737 Max Earthquake crashed in Ethiopia in March, killing 157 people on board and causing a crash in Ethiopia More than five months after another Boeing 737 Max crashed into the Java Sea in October just after launching in Jakarta, Indonesia, killing 189 people on board was a factor in these crashes. Boeing said last month that it has completed a software update for the system to give the pilots better control, but the FAA and other regulators have to signal the changes before airlines can reuse the aircraft.

Boeing and some pilots, many of whom said they did not know the system known as MCAS, existed on the 737 Max until after the crash of Lion Air in Indonesia in October. Boeing also came under fire due to an alarm in the cockpit that did not work aboard the 737 Max aircraft because he had reported to the FAA more than a year after finding out about the problem, said spokesman Ross Feinstein.

Dennis Tajer, a Boeing 737 captain and spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association representing about 15,000 American Airlines pilots, said he was surprised by the anti-stall system on the 737 Max, whose pilots are planning to ask Boeing When and how the newly reported lamellar lane problem was discovered and when Boeing reported it to the FAA.

"We are in a new room now," he said. "These are questions we may not have asked before."

Boeing has approximately 4,400 orders for the 737 Max aircraft, the manufacturer's fastest-selling jet. After the foundation, deliveries were interrupted and production reduced from 52 to 42 per month.

The FAA has not provided a timetable for the planned certification of the 737 Max for the re-flight.

"The last thing I want to do is specify a grounding cancellation date," said Dan Elwell, acting FAA Administrator.

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