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According to the new theory, there was actually time before the Big Bang MNN

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Big Bang theory is finding out how the "before" time and space began. The language itself is awkward. How does it make sense to even refer to a time when there was "time"?

Physics does not help either. Our scientific theories can not better explain what happens when all being collapses into an infinitely dense point known as a singularity, where time and space no longer exist, what our big bang theories predict the bang

There is a new theory about the block that seems to escape this mystery while still retaining much of the Big Bang cosmology we are already familiar with. In fact, the theory, sometimes referred to as "the upturned universe," asserts a direct interpretation of the general theory of relativity, claiming that time did not begin with the Big Bang ̵

1; time existed before the Big Bang a press release.

Unlike other theories that attempt to solve the big bang singularity problem by revising the foundations of the big bang itself, the theory of the upturned universe retains its foundations. No changes are needed to Einstein's general theory of relativity. Instead of denying the big bang, he merely questions the position of the Big Bang as the beginning of time. It's about interpreting the theory differently, rather than revising it.

Of course, this interpretation change is not quite as easy as it may sound. If the big bang is not the beginning of time, much will change as we understand the universe. For example, if there was time before the big bang, it means there must be something on the other side of the big bang; another universe In fact, it is our universe, just turned from back to front.

This upturned universe should look qualitatively similar to our own, with some eccentric reversals. For example, there would be an inversion of "chirality," which means that objects that look right-handed in our universe will appear on the other side as left-handers instead. Entropy should also be reversed, and for someone living on the other side, time seems to be different than ours. In her view, our universe would be her past.

It is a memorable way of thinking, but it is also a theory that does not fall into some of the paradoxical traps that singularity physics seeks to fight.

And so maybe the Big Bang happened, but instead of being a beginning, it was just a kind of transition, a door to a mirrored existence, a mind-bending rabbit hole through which time passes, but reality itself is reversed.

It's a world of Alice in Wonderland, physics. It will certainly be a wild ride until we finally solve these puzzles.

Before the Big Bang, time actually existed. According to a new theory

The Big Bang was not the beginning of time just a transition.

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