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According to the Pentagon, visits to Trump's Scottish resort cost almost $ 200,000

WASHINGTON – The US military spent nearly $ 200,000 at Trump Turnberry between 2017 and 2019, the Pentagon said.

In a September 12 letter to the House Oversight Committee investigating military spending In Turnberry, the Pentagon admitted it spent just over $ 184,000 at the president's Scottish resort. This sum included $ 124,579 in accommodation and $ 59,730 in unidentified additional expenses between August 9, 2017 and July 26, 2019. The average cost of a room was $ 189 per night, the Pentagon said.

In the two years before, the Air Force reported spending about $ 64,000 at the hotel, according to the Pentagon.

House Oversight Committee chairperson Elijah Cummings D-Md. And MP Jamie Raskin D-Md. Responded Wednesday in a statement to the revelations: "It seems US taxpayers' money has been used to buy more than 650 rooms at the Trump Turnberry since August 201

7 – or a room every night for more than one and a half years. " The legislature described the Pentagon's statement as "completely inadequate" and found that no "underlying bills or expense travel reports" were presented at the resort or at the local airport.

The committee first requested information in June. According to the Washington Post, Trump's Scottish resort lost around $ 4.5 million in 2017. However, as reported by Politico, the resort's revenue increased $ 3.1 million

The Pentagon also admitted that the Air Force spent $ 16 million on fuel spending on January 20, 2017 through June 21, 2019 Democratic lawmakers have stated that the airport has lost millions in revenue. In the last years and its existence is vital for the golf resort. The airport also offered members of the US military discounts and free rounds of golf.

The Supervision Committee is investigating whether the agreement violates a constitutional clause prohibiting an incumbent from profiting from their positions. The panel set a new deadline for the Pentagon by September 27 to prepare all invoices, contracts, agreements, and internal and external communications related to the agreement.

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