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According to the report, Tim Cook will host Donald Trump at the Apple factory in Texas

President Donald Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook are scheduled to jointly visit the company's manufacturing facilities in Texas, CNBC reported Tuesday.

Neither the White House nor Apple has officially announced the trip, but the tour underscores Cook's friendly relationship with Trump and the current administration as the US trade war with China continues.

The Verge turned to the White House for the trip, but a spokesman declined to confirm that and stated that the White House had no plans to launch at that time. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Cook continued to meet with Trump during his presidency. In 201

7, he was on one of the administration's business advisory boards and was one of the few remaining in office after Elon Musk and Travis Kalanick left before completely disintegrating. Cook is also part of the Trump Administration's Workforce Policy Advisory Board and has attended several meetings of the White House in connection with the Board.

"He's the one calling me," Trump said in August, when asked about his relationship with Koch. "That's why he's a great manager because he calls me and others do not, others go out and hire very expensive advisers, and Tim Cook calls Donald Trump directly."

Trump's tariffs have given Apple a big challenge Early in the fall, Apple had agreed to make its latest model of Mac Pro desktops in Austin, Texas, a decision that was made only days after commercial regulators made up much of the computer-free tariff exemptions filed by Apple Cook's relationship with Trump has brought Apple to safety in the ongoing trade war, with Trump aiming to drive American manufacturing forward, and Apple has been willing to play well with it.

In November Apple asked the Trump administration for additional exceptions for products such as Apple Watches and iPhone component n who were exported from China. By Tuesday, these new exceptions were not approved by the regulators.

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