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ACHES reveals biggest concern for Modern Warfare following gameplay reveal

Team Envy's Patrick 'ACHES' Prince discusses the latest positive and negative from Call of Duty Modern Warfare's gameplay after watching the first multiplayer reveal on July 11.

The Call of Duty multiplayer gameplay focuses on a new 2v2 mode named 'Gunfight'. Enchys Captain ACHES, a two-time Call of Duty world champion and veteran of the competitive scene, which is one of the first to comment, citing one key issue with the in-game movement.


Modern Warfare's new 'Gunfight' mode appears to show worrying movement changes.

Obviously seeing vs playing is totally different. But the running, jumping etc. looks like battlefield-like. "

He seemed disappointed with a possible movement change, and it could spell trouble for the success of Modern Warfare. The Call of Duty games are clunky and less responsive than previous titles

It's not all doom and gloom, however, as ACHES was happy about a change to sprinting and clearly excited about a return of tactical and lethal grenade options;

"Really looks like you can not sprint into gunfights," he stated , Tacitcals / Lethals back in full force too. "

Overall the negative seagull to the positive, but, there is still a lot to be revealed for the newest iteration of Call of Duty.

The next gameplay reveal is set to happen on August 1, where we'll hopefully be able to find

Until then, casual and competitive players alike want to be happy with each other of questions.

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