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Actor Ian McKellen apologizes after shocking statement about alleged sexual abuse of Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey

On February 23, BBC's Evan Davis interviewed actor Ian McKellen for National Student Pride, an annual LGBTQ celebration in the UK. During the interview, Davis McKellen asked about the #Metoo movement.

DAVIS: It must be pretty depressing when you pick up your newspaper and you see people you've worked with – Bryan Singer or whoever, Kevin Spacey – and you see the names of the people being fingered, or claims that spin around. I'm just wondering what your reaction is when you see that this has been released in the world over the past 18 months?

MCKELLEN: Honestly, I'm waiting for someone to accuse me of something and I wonder if they do not say that The truth and I forgot, you know.

But with the two names you mentioned, the people I worked with were both in the closet, and so had all their problems as humans and their relationship with other people if they had shown themselves and their desires open they do not abuse people as they are accused.

Whether they should be forced to stop working ̵

1; that's debatable, is not it? I think so, that's because of the public. Would you like to see someone accused of something they disapprove of? Do you ever want to see her again? If the answer is no, do not buy a ticket or turn on the TV. But there may be others for whom there is no consideration. And it is difficult to be absolutely black and white.

After his reaction in the media was widespread, McKellen issued an apology in which he proposed to pronounce his intended remarks "awkward": [19659007] 1/4 As part of a In recent podcasts, I recently suggested that if closed people were instead open to their sexuality, they would not abuse others. That's wrong, of course. pic.twitter.com/9k6KLH2hx9

– Ian McKellen (@IanMcKellen) March 2, 2019

As part of an expanded podcast, I recently suggested that people who are closed are open, As for your sexuality you would not abuse others. That's wrong, of course. I wanted to encourage the LGBT audience I spoke to be proud of their sexuality. My point was awkwardly expressed. I would never trite or tolerate abuse of any kind. I deeply regret my negligent remarks and apologize without reservation for the suffering I have caused. When misused by people in positions of power, the right answer is clear. The prosecutors must be heard and the defendant must be given the opportunity to cancel their names. If the allegations prove credible, the offender's access to power should be removed.

Director Bryan Singer, whose films include "The Usual Suspects" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past," was charged with abuse and sexual assault and rape by several men, some of whom were underage in the alleged sexual encounters ,

In October 2017, actor Kevin Spacey was accused by his fellow actor Anthony Rapp of having made an undesirable sexual advancement with him when he was just 14 years old. According to Rapp's allegations, a number of other men accused Spacey of sexual misconduct.

Spacey tried to soften Rapp's accusation by turning out to be gay.

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