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Adam Gases and the Jets had a crazy week

It was a busy week for the jets. Eight days have passed since Director-General Mike Maccagnan was released. After continued to lead such minor team-building exercises as the search for a head coach, a free frenzy, and a draft in which the jets owned the # 3 pick. Adam Gases, the head coach of Maccagnan, was appointed Interim GM, though Gases had seen promising successes in the past. Reporters immediately dust their best circus and Game of Thrones metaphors, five months ahead of schedule. However, the above coincidence of circumstances was just the beginning. In no particular order you will find a partial list of events in Jetsland:


. Gases traded with linebacker Darron Lee to the Chiefs. Maccagnan had picked Lee in the first round of the 2016 draft and he had tried to treat him in recent months, especially after Jets C.J. Mosley had contracted from the Ravens. Gases squeezed off.

. 2 Provisional owner Christopher Johnson has admitted that he has just recently observed how Maccagnan has done his work. Now, Johnson's biography is to be the little brother of owner Woody Johnson, who of course made his fortune the old-fashioned way: by being born into it. And with such credentials, it's hard to see how Johnson Maccagnan's record of 24:40, his abysmal story of committing gamblers after the first round, and his general failure to overlook other simple GM tasks, such as "making decisions" could [19659002] 3. Gases have reportedly displayed a lot of passive-aggressive behavior in recent weeks. Gases apparently did not want Le'Veon Bell, one of Maccagnan's biggest freelance acquisitions, to agree with him. "Fair or not," reported Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated (19459005), "some saw that Gases distanced himself from the decision, while he stood for merit when it worked, in large part because that agreed with it." his reputation in Miami. "

. 4 Armando Salguero of Miami Herald reports on this reputation in Miami in the days after the dolphins fired gasses: "Gases should work every day with the goal of making the Miami dolphins a winner. But because he had so much power and nobody had to say "no" to him, he made mistakes. Some of these mistakes included personnel decisions. But there were also the following: "Gases roared [owner Stephen Ross] knowing more about football than he did. Several sources say that a senior club official had to intervene and report gasses that he could not talk to the owner – his boss. Related: Gases finished three seasons as head coach of the Dolphins with 23-25.

. 5 Also on the brink of the draft, via Breer: "The coaches ranked Quinnen Williams ahead of Houston DT Ed Oliver, but flocked to Oliver in meetings. This was again seen as a coach hiding at both ends of a decision and this time openly demanding a player, while embarking on the league-wide consensus that the other was better. "

. 6 The analyst draft Tony Pauline, who reported weeks ago that the smoldering tensions between gases and Maccagnan are hot enough to possibly lead to Maccagnan's fall, told the podcast Turn on the Jets Gases are the "provocateur", the Maccagnan has pressurized out. "There is absolutely no doubt about that," Pauline said.

. 7 After discovering that gases had been "relatively calm" during the draft weekend, Manish Mehta went one step further from the New York Daily News (19459004), reporting that Gases had strategically placed his chair out of sight of the television camera War zone of jets trained to avoid that they ever play a role in the draft decisions of the team. Does anyone here sense a pattern?

. 8 LOL:

9. It was rumored that the jets were considering hiring Peyton Manning for some kind of leadership. Peyton Manning is not interested in a kind of leadership in the jets.

10th Mehta said that Christopher Johnson asked Fox Sports' boss NFL Network, Peter Schrager, for GM search input; The rest of the jets denied that this was true. It is possible that Johnson Schrager – a personal friend – questioned about about possible candidates, but not in any formal, advisory way.

11. Gases pushed an old woman onto the subway tracks. Was just a joke. I wanted to see if you were still careful.

12th More Pauline on Gases, of which Power on the Jets Podcast: " Gases is a very temperamental type. He's a Type A personality – and you never know what you're going to get. He's a guy who can change in a jiffy. This has often happened in Miami. "

13. Gases narrowly ended with Jordan Leggett, a tip for the fifth round of 2017. He also fired a scout.

fourteenth LOLOL:

15. Williams, the jets with the third overall victory in last month's draft, has a calf injury that has kept him from today's OTA training. It's probably insignificant and nothing that would affect its ability to play games that count in another four months, but Jets fans can be excused if they assume that Williams's leg needs to be amputated.

16 Name of Eagles Assistant GM Joe Douglas was most often named as a potential GM candidate since he and Gases worked with the Bears in 2015 for a year. However, the jets have not conducted any interviews, and it's fair to wonder if Douglas wants to leave a stable situation for them.

17th At a lively press conference today Gases denied having anything to do with Maccagnan's dismissal, insisting that there was no personal gap between him and Maccagnan, and said Bell was all right. "And said the decision on GM's attitude was from Christopher Johnson, not from him. It does not matter that the new GM has to work with gases. Gases (and the jets) lied to reporters a few weeks ago when they shot down Pauline's report on his differences with Maccagnan, and today Gases has tried to define those differences as normal give and take between employees in high-pressure occupations. Look, press conferences are usually less informative than performative. So it is strange that such strong reactions as these question the credibility of gases. He's not the first coach to throw bullshit off the podium, and he certainly will not be the last.

18th As Patrick Daugherty recently put it so succinctly at RotoWorld: "In less than six months, Gases has secured both absolute power and plausible denial."

19. Punctually at the end of today's 14-minute press conference, Gases hit on one important point: "I think it's important to the fans whether we win or lose. If you win games, nobody cares, I tell you. Our job is to win. That's it. "

Do you know what? Adam has gas right, he has to be.

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