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Adele got drunk with the Spice Girls and shared Instagram Proof

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Adele was never shy about her love for the Spice Girls, and last night she was perhaps the spice of her life. The Gammy Award-winning singer participated in the Spice Girls concert at Wembley Stadium on Saturday night and documented the defining moment on Instagram.

"I saw the Spice Girls for the last time in Wembley 21 years ago! Tonight I cried, laughed, screamed, danced, remembered and fell in love with my neighbor and sweetheart again, "she wrote on Instagram. "It's no secret how much I love them, how much they've inspired me to run my life and never look back, I finally met Ginger, got drunk with the girls, and honestly I can not believe how far I am Thank you so much for the madness that I have, I could not have been here without you … 5 BRITISH legends! I love you! "

In view of Adele's love for the girl group, it is hardly surprising that she strove to see her during her first tour for over a decade. When the singer appeared on the cover of Vogue in 2016, she confessed her long-standing love for the Spice Girls and their impact on her own career as an artist.

"People always think I joke about it, but the Spice Girls exploded when I was seven," she said. "And they come from a modest background to see – there was hope in it. It really was a huge part of my life when the whole thing with the woman power happened. "

Now we know who we really have to thank for having Adele in our lives.

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