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Adobe Premiere Rush launches on Android for fast and easy on-the-go video editing

"Run and Gun" is a mantra for many creators and filmmakers today. It does not matter if you're a travelogue or filming a short film, you probably want to start filming on the way back from the field rather than wait in the office (or at home) again. There are many good video editing programs for Android, but none of them provide a seamless transition between working on a smartphone or tablet and switching to a desktop to complete the work. Today, Adobe is closing this gap with the launch of Premiere Rush for Android.

Adobe had announced Premiere Rush (formerly known as Project Rush) as early as June 2018 and it was launched in October with the planned Android release on iOS and Desktop for 201


Premiere Rush is aimed at people watching videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. The UI has been optimized for video editing and publishing, while still supporting some of the advanced features of the full-size platform, Premiere Pro. To do this, everything created in Premiere Rush can be synchronized through the cloud and opened in Premiere Pro.

If you have not seen Rush before, the features are tailored to the needs of a mobile app. At a high level, there is a complete video editor with a layered timeline where you can customize and sequence clips, audio, titles, and even transitions. It's even pretty easy to align clips side by side in a single frame.

Video clips, photos, and audio can be added from local storage, a linked Dropbox account, or your Creative Cloud account. You can also record video and audio directly in Rush if you want to add something without changing the app.

With the more advanced skills it will be interesting. Rush supports Lumetri color presets and custom LUTs created in Premiere. Externally created LUTs are not yet supported, but are planned for the future. You can also use motion graphics, including customizable templates that you can create on a desktop or download directly from Adobe Stock.

There are also some limitations to the app that can be important when considering your workflow. Some of the popular Premiere Pro features are missing; Keyframes, video effects, speed enhancement (or any speed adjustments), and masking. This means that you can not animate the movement of your clips or titles, create extended overlays, or turn slow drone material into something more epic. In short, this is not a problem for some of the more advanced travel and lifestyle vloggers.

In my short time with Rush and With my previous experience with Premiere Pro, it was very easy to learn and use, and I was able to do that most of what I tried to achieve with very little fumbling. This is definitely one of the simpler editors I've seen, and it's pretty intuitive. After talking to a few other people who tried Rush, we all seem to have come across a few roadblocks where the app lacks some of the features we really need (such as accelerating drone footage or keyframing). But Adobe seems to add features pretty quickly, so these things may be resolved soon. This is a good tool for most users, provided they do not need any of the advanced features and the subscription rates do not bother.

Adobe is currently conservative in terms of device support. The only hardware that has been confirmed to work with Premiere Rush is Samsung's and Google's latest flagships, as well as the OnePlus 6T (probably the 7 and 7 Pro will be available soon). Here is the complete list:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 / 10 +, S9 / 9 +, Note9, Note8, S10e
  • Google Pixel 3 / 3XL, 2 / 2XL
  • OnePlus 6T

If you ask yourself Regarding support for Chrome OS, Adobe has confirmed to us that this is definitely planned but not yet ready for launch.

Premiere Rush is available in the Play Store and Galaxy Store with a free trial limited to 3 exports. If you want to stick with it, you can subscribe to Premiere Rush for $ 9.99 / month by itself (all platforms), or subscribe to the Adobe Premiere Pro subscription for a single app ($ 20.99 / month) and for the full Creative Cloud (52.99 USD / month) included. For more information, see the Adobe Premiere Rush page.

  Adobe Premiere Rush - Video Editor
  Adobe Premiere Rush - Video Editor

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