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Adobe screws with its cheapest software plan in the sharpest way

Many years ago, when Adobe switched from a flat-rate pricing for its software products to a subscription model, many feared that it would introduce discretely dramatic price increases. Adobe claimed that this was not the case, but this week some users found that the price for the cheapest Creative Cloud subscription suddenly doubled.

Not all changes appear on the Creative Cloud planning page on the Adobe website (myself included), but others have found that the Photography option costs $ 9.99 per month – including Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop 20GB of cloud storage ̵

1; replaced with an alternative for $ 20.99 / month, which increases the storage capacity to 1TB.

Adobe's subscription model includes cloud storage with all software options (you can not disable this, but you just can not use it), so some users may benefit from the additional 980 GB of storage. For those who only use the apps, this means a price increase of more than 100 percent for the software. If Adobe had announced years ago that the next version of Photoshop would now cost $ 1,000, instead of the $ 500 it had cost in recent years, the photographer community would have been brisk, with potential new users this was not considered an option. However, the jump from $ 9.99 to $ 20.99 sounds less dramatic.

In a statement issued to the PetaPixel photography website, Adobe claims that the price increase is nothing more than the company testing the waters to see how consumers are responding to price adjustments. "From time to time, we run tests on Adobe.com that cover a range of items, including plan options that may not be displayed to all Adobe.com visitors. We are currently running a series of tests on Adobe.com. "There is no confirmation that Adobe is making the price increase permanent, but there is no confirmation that this is not the case.

The $ 9.99 / month option still appears for many users When you visit the site, PetaPixel has confirmed that it can continue to be purchased by contacting the Adobe sales team by phone, online chat use the website to speak with a seller, or by contacting an official Adobe dealer. The $ 9.99 / month option can also be purchased as a 12-month plan for $ 119.88, which can be blocked for another three years. However, hiding this option on the site means that new Creative Cloud subscribers unfamiliar with the current pricing structure simply assume that the $ 20.99 / month option is the cheapest way to go Photoshop to get from them.

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