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Adoptive father of five deserves Simon's golden buzzer on America's Got Talent

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1; A Christian singer who is also a pediatric nurse and father of six children, earned the second Golden Summer this season in America's Got Talent. [19659004] Singer-songwriter Michael Ketterer from Fountain Valley, California, sang a touching interpretation of the song "To Love Somebody" by Bee Gees.

"Thank you for honoring this stage, thank you," said Judge Mel B. [19659004] "I think you have a great voice," Heidi Klum said. "I'm just blown away."

"I feel as though I am watching you and listening to you, I just want to be part of the person I believe you are," Howie Mandel said , "You're a great performer and you're a star person."

"Mike, you know, if we find singers in these shows, is it about being technical, or is it about being relevant, you know?" said Simon Cowell. "Sometimes I just want to be real and a surprise, if I'm honest with you because you were so nervous, I was worried about you."

"But sometimes I think that actions speak louder than words," Simon said as he squeezed the golden buzzer.

According to a press release from Influence Church, Ketterer is a part-time worship leader, part-time pediatric nurse and full-time dad.

The Ketterer family consists of Michael, his wife Ivey, and their six children, five of whom are foster-mothers.

"All of our children have come from a rather desperate situation, through the process of adoption it has taught us so much about the Father's heart, he is not afraid of our brokenness No matter what we are or what we see, he'll see through to the end, "Ketterer said in the introduction to a music video for his song Kingdom.

Ketterer is the second recipient of A Golden Summer in Season 13 of AGT. Last week, Zurcaroh, an acrobatic dance group, earned Tyra Bank's Golden Summer.

In America's Got Talent, a golden buzzer automatically hands the actor or performer to the live rounds of the show. Each judge and the moderator may press the golden buzzer during the entire foreplay round.

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