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Adrian Peterson seems to be in serious financial trouble, despite earning nearly $ 100 million in his NFL career

Redskins, who run away from Adrian Peterson, have earned nearly $ 100 million in his NFL career, but it seems he has not much of that money left.

Over the past two years, Peterson's financial woes have resulted in at least three separate lawsuits, with three different creditors using the legal system to persuade Peterson to pay off his debts. Of these three claims, two have been filed in the last eight weeks.

According to Peterson's lawyer Chase Carlson, the 34-year-old has financial problems because he trusts the wrong people.

"The truth behind Adrian Peterson's current financial situation is more than she is reporting at that time ," Carlson said in a statement. "For legal reasons, I can not go into detail, but I'll say that this is another situation where an athlete trusts the wrong people and is taken advantage of by those he trusts in. Adrian and his family are looking forward to details to be shared if appropriate. "

Although Carlson did not offer specific details on Peterson's financial position, the three lawsuits provide a glimpse into the runningback money problems. The first lawsuit, filed in Minnesota in October 2017, accused Peterson of defaulting on a $ 2.4 million loan.

In this case, Peterson picked up the loan in May 2016 and fell behind only five months later. Crown Bank, which filed the lawsuit, spent almost a year working with Peterson before bringing it to court. Peterson was eventually asked to repay the remaining $ 600,000.

Peterson filed a separate $ 4 million loan in April 2016 for which he was sued. According to the Baltimore Business Journal, Peterson missed the first payout of the loan, raising its interest rate from 15 percent to 23 percent. Although Peterson had repaid part of the loan, the case was brought to trial in June, and that ended with a judge in Maryland petitioning Peterson to pay back $ 2.4 million to the company that sued him, Democracy Capital Corp.

Peterson is the largest so far. According to Athletic, Peterson is being sued for alleged default of $ 5.2 million with a Pennsylvania lender. Apparently, running back took up the loan to try to settle his other debts, but ended up in more debt. If you include interest and legal fees, Peterson allegedly owes more than $ 6.6 million for his $ 5.2 million loan.

Since NFL players are paid only during the season, Peterson will not receive his weekly game check until September. Running Back signed a $ 2 billion contract with Washington in March for $ 1.5 million in guaranteed money.

Peterson's total 12-year career has totaled $ 99.22 million, meaning that Peterson will earn more than $ 100 million by the end of the 2019 season.

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