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Adults sleep better when they are torn to sleep – BGR

Everyone knows that it's a simple trick to calm a restless baby by moving it back and forth. For some reason, the gentle side-by-side movement seems to reassure little children and lull them into the dreamland.

One would not expect the same to work for an adult adult, but a new study suggests that it rockes Sleeping while sleeping could bring some big benefits, including deeper sleep, less waking, and even a better one Memory.

Getting a baby to sleep is easy because it's so small, but moving a full size adult is a bit more challenging. To make this possible, researchers at the University of Geneva built a bed that sways slowly on a large frame back and forth.

To test whether rocking aids hinder adult sleep, the team recruited 1

8 people, spending one night each. Equipped with electrodes to monitor brain activity, the participants dozed off while the researchers collected data. Each person was asked to spend three nights in bed. The first night was meant to help them feel comfortable, the second was used to monitor brain activity while rocking and sleeping, and the third night was a night in the same bed without the rocking movement.

As reported by BBC the team found that shaking while sleeping enabled the subjects to sleep more deeply and was less likely to wake up during the night. The rocking was gentle enough not to cause "seasickness feeling", and the subjects experienced the deepest sleep during the rocking test. This more restful sleep promoted brain function, as did memory, which was tracked with the help of memory tests received from each participant.

If you replicate something similar in your own home, this is nearly impossible, so do not throw your back and try to hang your body mattress from the ceiling of your bedroom or the like, but it will be interesting to see whether this will be a new trend for people who value a good night's sleep.

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