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AEW Fight for the Fallen Results, Review, Notes: Kenny Omega steals the show, Cody shoots WWE

Three down, one out. When All Elite Wrestling heads for its television debut in early October, the company has now completed three of its four announced events with Fight for the Fallen on Saturday night in Jacksonville, Florida. The extended card has worked well to round off some storylines and push the company towards its biggest ever show, All Out, scheduled for August 31 in Chicago.

Most notable on Saturday was perhaps not just the continuation of the Adam "Hangman" page against Chris Jericho feud for the vacant AEW World Championship, but Kenny Omega returns to his old self with a show-theft dream match against CIMA. The Young Bucks' main event against Cody & Dustin Rhodes also provided ̵

1; albeit to a lesser extent – and what we're likely to talk about on the show is a line that Cody added as a shot at WWE during a charity presentation

There were production issues throughout the show. The comment took a step back with the return to the original team. And the end of the show was rushed and quite awkward. So, what happened on Saturday night in Jacksonville? Keep reading to see detailed results and scores from AEW Fight for the Fallen ….

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AEW Fight for the Fallen Results, Sheet Music

Sony Kiss def. Peter Avalon on Pinfall (The Buy In): Kiss showed consistently impressive athleticism as the librarian's continued gimmick incited the crowd. Leva Bates tried to help Avalon when Kiss fell out of the ring but distracted him. Kiss eventually hit a couple of handsprings, dropping a falling leg off the second rope to claim victory. It was okay for an opening match at an event like this, but there was nothing to really take home. Nevertheless, Kiss showed a solid performance. I would like to see him in a more interesting and meaningful fight. Grade: D

Shoko Nakajima & Bea Priestley def. Britt Baker & Riho on Pinfall (The Buy In): The crowd was thrilled when Priestley made their debut, and the work between Riho and Nakajima was fun, unless they exchanged blows that were so clearly drawn That it took the viewers a little bit out of the game. Baker was slow and rusty in the fight, which is to be expected since she did not regularly participate in competitions. A top Suicida from Nakajima defeated Riho, while a Senton (who missed a lying baker) resulted in a two count Riho tried to end. Riho later hit Nakajima with some impressive moves, including a Northern Lights suplex, for a pair of 2.9 points. The women then exchanged maneuvers in a fast-paced finish, where Nakajima fell over to Riho for 1-2-3. The last few minutes between Riho and Nakajima were by far the most impressive, dramatically improving the overall game. The remainder of the fight was spent by AEW building a Baker Priestley feud with constant interactions and clashes, including an altercation after the bell. Grade: C

Shawn Spears, MJF & Sammy Guevara def. Joey Janela, Jimmy Havoc, and Darby Allin on Pinfall: Spears' heat with MJF (his team mate and Cody's friend) and Allin (his opponent, whom he stole the limelight at the Fyter Fest) was the only notable part of Front half of the fight. Havoc hit a cool superplex on Guevara, who stood behind Spears for the match spot. Guevara then had his moment by going back and forth with top suicidas and corkscrews before hitting a standing spanish fly on Allin to score a count of 2.5. Janela met Guevara with a Death Valley rider on the apron to virtually eliminate him from the match. Spears rolled Guevara back into the ring for a day, then hit Allin with a DVD to win. As with the previous women's match, this fight was more about advancing a story than the competition itself outside of the above-mentioned unrest. Spears Over was important to All Out, though the crowd seemed to be more interested in the other five men in the match. Condition: C

Brandi Rhodes def. Allie on Pinfall: Before the match began, Brandi made a good figure with Allie … until she showed to the entrance and Awesome Kong hit the ring. Kong served mainly as executor and distractor. Brandi dominated the offensive early on, but a superkick and a running DVD of Allie counted nearly three (until Kong disbanded them from the outside). Allie threw Brandi a dragon sleeper who just hinted that he was not seen by the referee (distracted by Kong). Brandi then poked Allie in the eye and struck her with her Bionic Spear. Brandi attacked Allie after the bell rang and almost fed her with Kong until Aja hit Kong's music. The kongs stared at each other before three referees and Brandi split them. The match was below average and the only excitement was really the Staredown. Condition: D +

Defeated Dark Order. Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus (via pinfall) and Jack Evans & Angelico: A boy and his dinosaur had the full backing of the fans, and the Evans & Angelico team avoided tags early, even though the winner got a chance to drop by upcoming tournament. The match began slowly until Evil Uno hit an impressive top-rope sungon on Jungle Boy, but it was Luchasaurus who executed a standing moonsault against Evans, who put the crowd into a brief intoxication. A 450's from Evans to Jungle Boy, followed by a Black Tiger Bomb from Angelico, seemed to be putting Jungle Boy in trouble; Instead, Marko Stunt pushed Angelico off the apron and was allowed by the referee to hit a Huricanrana on Evans. The referee threw stunt, but let Luchasaurus throw him outside into Angelico. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy together made a stunning aerial bomb, but Uno broke off the pinning attempt on Evans. The Dark Order then teamed up with A Senton and spun on A Boy and His Dinosaur to slow them down, followed by Fatality on Jungle Boy to win. What we achieved in the last third of the game has shown what these teams are capable of. The audience was hot for the goal and rightly so. Only minor drawbacks for Stunt's significant interference and the legitimately rough start. Condition: B-

Hangman Page def. Kip Sabian on Pinfall: A standing Shooting Star press from Page brought a bit of life into a dead crowd more than five minutes before the start of the game. Sabian spat Page in the face and pierced him with a discuslariat. Page later hit a lunar shock from the top rope outside the ring and injured his left knee. The moment of the game came when Page Sabian picked up, as if firing a force bomb, and instead threw him out of the ring onto the raised entrance ramp. Page then hit a swinging neckbreaker from the top rope and counted 2.8, causing a desperate sabian to drill a drag screw between the ropes to pinch Leg's leg. After pacing through some pinfall attempts, Page raised Sabian and hit Dead Eye for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Page was attacked by Chris Jericho, who wore the mask of one of the Creepers of the Dark Order. He hit Page with the Codebreaker and Judas effects, leaving a massive bruise in the eye. The crowd shouted "Thanks, Jericho," when Jericho became the third wrestler to double-finger the night. The spectators came for single moves, but had no connection to the match. As such, it was a hard touch, but the angle after the game helped. Grade: B-

Lucha Brothers defeated. Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky on Pinfall: Pentagon Jr. and Sky exchanged hand gestures and tags for five minutes in the middle of the ring, but the crowd ate it up. The Lucha Brothers involved Christopher Daniels in the match and he was allowed to make a springboard splash before being ejected. As soon as the deal started, Pentagon and Rey Fenix ​​showed off their size with various superkicks, rotating heels and a fantastic monkey flip-roll senton. Sky hit Pentagon with a cutter on the apron and Sky helped Kazarian drill Fenix ​​with an assisted Top-Rope DDT. A Canadian destroyer on Sky from Pentagon resulted in a score of 2.5, but the following double-foot rammer from Piledriver has done its job.

The SCU played their role well in the match and did just enough to help the Lucha brothers look impressive. After the match, the Lucha Brothers grabbed a ladder under the ring and stabbed the SCU with it. Then they went up the ladder and picked up a microphone with Pentagon and said they were the best tag team in the world before challenging The Young Bucks to a ladder match on All Out, probably for the AAA Tag Team Championships. Grade: B

Kenny Omega def. CIMA via pinfall: At the beginning of this match, the crowd was on fire. CIMA hit a Perfect rider on Omega for a 2.5-count, but he bounced back with a kicking heel in the back of CIMA, followed by a V-trigger at the same spot. Then CIMA countered Omega with a force-bomb from the top rope that looked extremely dangerous when Omega seemed to land on his head. Outside the ring, CIMA became furious with an aggressive omega and climbed onto a platform to hit a meteorite on Omega, which lay on a box-like table. CIMA then hit Omega with one knee on the back of his head and another meteor in the ring, but only got 2.5 points. Omega caught Cima's next meteorite attempt and bombarded him in the turnbuckles. He followed with a dragon duplex, a V-trigger, a neck-breaker, and another V-trigger before CIMA stopped a single-winged angel.

CIMA dropped omega on the apron and hit a third meteora, but Omega got his foot under the bottom rope to break the count. Omega finally responded with a Tiger Driver 98 for a 2.7-count, and a CIMA leg-hook cradle-pinning combination brought the OWE star close at 2.9. Omega immediately returned with a single-winged angel to win in a truly formidable battle, which is the best match AEW has ever made. It is one thing to call something a "dream match". It is quite another thing to go out and prove that it deserves the nickname. Difficulty: A

Chris Jericho with a live microphone: Jericho joked that he had Page's blood on hand, and promised to get his well-deserved thank-you at one time through the Hitting the entire AEW list. He left most AEW wrestlers out of the race and said he would prove that Hangman is "nothing but a little slut". As he said that, Page ran down the ramp and attacked Jericho, knocking him down in the ring. Referees, backstage officials, and a handful of wrestlers finally split them up. Good segment, though Jericho repeated a few jokes.

The Young Bucks defeated. Cody & Dustin Rhodes on Pinfall: The teams shook hands before the game began, but when a little action began, the Bucks once again mocked Rhodes' embrace on Double or Nothing. Nick Jackson later spat on Cody's face as he sat on the ropes hoping for a sign. Dustin hit a crossbody from the second rope to remove the bucks, and Cody got a few insults after a hot day, including a jump through the ropes on the elevated ramp. The match slowed as the Rhodes concentrated on Matt's left shoulder. The teams exchanged snipers (Bucks) and four-legged friends (Rhodes) before Dustin hit a frivolous Senton and Cody nailed an Eskalera outside the ring. An assisted Cross Rhodes on Matt got only two points when Nick jumped off the top rope to break a bomb. The Rhodes continued to play in stereo until the Bucks picked them and isolated Dustin, who responded with a Yoshi tonic to make up for the situation. The bucks made a heel twist as they hit Cody on the back of the head with a double superkick; Then they faked Superkicks against the brothers just to hit the Rhodes Signature uppercuts. The Rhodes responded with Superkicks so Nick Cross hit Rhodes on Cody with a count of 2.5. The bucks beat Cody with a Meltzer driver for the win.

The Brotherhood embraced after the defeat when the bucks grabbed a microphone and said their ribs were all in the spirit of competition in recent weeks. Matt said he had never seen "much of the other product," but the Rhodes were indeed one of the biggest tag teams. Their post-game segment was cut short due to the time, which confused the players in the ring. Later, when they handed over a charity check, Cody scolded that no other company could program against them. While the match was certainly entertaining and telling a solid story, the excess of dual maneuvers in several segments of the game started as fun, but quickly became a spoilsport. The Rhodes have undoubtedly held their own against the bucks, but there is a marked difference in match quality as the bucks compete against a team that can gauge their athleticism and creativity. There was nothing wrong with this match, but it contained no candle for the fight that took place before. Note: B

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